juju for testing purposes

Mark Shuttleworth mark at ubuntu.com
Thu Nov 24 15:59:17 UTC 2011

On 24/11/11 15:49, Clint Byrum wrote:
> That bit about getting them back to your local machine may not fly
> though. Juju is designed to scale to many thousands of instances, so
> everything is asynchronous. So you're going to have to find a way to get
> it back to you.. if the results are small, email might be the simplest
> method. Also the install hook can't tell the machine to terminate. So
> you'd end up doing something like this

We've talked about having a restful interface on every node, which would
allow for direct inspection and manipulation of juju properties for that

It might be interesting to enable charms to expose restful elements in
the tree, so to speak. That would mean that something the charm provides
could respond to an HTTP query. In Marc's case, that could be the rest
results, or a status message saying they were not ready yet.


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