jujucharms.com update and Juju GUI 0.13.0 release (mostly bugfix)

Gary Poster gary.poster at canonical.com
Thu Nov 14 19:06:41 UTC 2013


The jujucharms.com site has been updated with the 0.13.0 Juju GUI
release.  In addition to basic bundles available [1], bigger
demonstration ones like this one [2] or this one [3] can show off some
of what we can do.

Also, yes, that’s a new Juju GUI release.  0.13.0 is out the door.  It’s
primarily a bugfix release.  Here’s the breakdown.

* Added help and feedback menu to top right, replacing feedback link on
* (FIX) The inspector tries to get out of your way when you are making a
relation. (Good in Chrome and IE 10, but Firefox has an issue with this,
it turns out; tune in for the next release!)
* (CLEANUP) Bundle deployment instructions for using quickstart and juju
deployer were clarified and brought up to date.
* (FIX) Fix bundle visualization so that it does not occasionally clip.
* (CHARM FIX) Charm now honors bundle deployment positioning.
* (FIX) Services without positioning are less likely to be automatically
positioned on top of themselves.
* (FIX) Make sandbox bundle deployment positioning more reliable.
* (CLEANUP) Remove remaining old unused notifications code.






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