Quick State of the GUI

Gary Poster gary.poster at canonical.com
Thu Mar 21 15:52:11 UTC 2013

Hi all.  I just wanted to give us all a quick update/reminder on where
we are and what our 13.04 goals are.  I realize I haven't written up any
status or "topics" blogs in a long while.  Sorry. :-/  My excuse is
being too busy with other stuff that had a higher priority.


1) GOAL: Improved browser support: DONE
  Browser support has progressed to where we want it for now.  We need
to be rigorous in our commit and release QA to maintain this, which we
will talk about Friday.  Thank you to Jeff and Ben.

2) GOAL: Unblock Orange's work for jujucharms.com: DONE
  We have delivered everything needed to unblock their work, thanks to
Ben and Jeff's work.

3) GOAL: Landscape support: "LANDING"
  We've delivered this to Landscape, thanks to Matt, Ben, Nick and Greg.
 Landscape has only given us three bugs from their QA: 2 small issues
unrelated to the Landscape integration, and a suggestion to change some
of our image assets slightly.  I'm on the hook for getting the proposed
image assets from Greg (Nick is helping me to get this to happen if he
can :-) ) and seeing what the stakeholders prefer.


4) GOAL: Continuous integration: IN PROGRESS, PROBLEMATIC
  Thanks to herculean efforts by Ben and Jeff, CI is hooked up and
largely working.  Unfortunately, the tests fail in selenium/saucelabs
frequently because of timing issues.  Ben will pass that to me today,
and I will probably need to pass that to someone else next week.  This
is unpleasant, but needs to be resolved.  It will open a lot of doors
for us, in addition to giving us some reliability assurance that we need.

5) GOAL: Juju Core support in GUI: IN PROGRESS, ON TARGET
  We are doing well with this, thanks to great work by Roger, Benji,
Brad, Francesco, Matt, and Nicola (that was alphabetical within the GUI
team ;-) ).  Tomorrow we should be able to show the GUI roughly working
with Juju core--login, deploy, and view the new service, for instance.
I expect this to be DONE in two weeks, and no more than three weeks.
More Juju Core work will almost certainly be scheduled for us, but it
will be new, separate goals.  Details of remaining work for the current
goal follow.
  * Benji is converting our megawatcher-integration sprint GUI prototype
into tested, landable code.  We hope it will be landed tomorrow, or
Monday at the latest.
  * Annotations have landed today!  Thank you to Francesco and Matt.
They have a bit more related cleanup work to do but that should be
resolved tomorrow or next week at the latest.
  * Nicola and Brad are working on our last couple of commands on the Go
side.  Those should be resolved next week.
  * The megawatcher needs to send more information about each entity.
Roger will give us an example branch, and then we can add the rest.
Benji and possibly others will integrate these on the GUI side.
  * The megawatcher needs to send annotations.  Roger will do this.
  * We need to change the charm to support Go Juju.  William thinks that
bug 1131608 is resolved, so we are no longer blocked.  Francesco, and
possibly someone else, will probably be the ones returning to this next
  * All of the above should hopefully take us about one more week.  We
probably are missing a few GUI go environment commands (that is, the JS
env commands).  We almost certainly will encounter bugs.  Addressing
this kind of cleanup work will be what eats up hopefully no more than
another week or two after next week.

6) GOAL: in-browser Juju for jujucharms.com/Orange: SLACK/PENDING
  Kapil delivered a prototype/proof of concept.  I've taken his
prototype for learning and code, and landed implementation in spare
moments.  We should have a basic demo (login and deploy only) landed
tomorrow.  I hope to pass this to some group as Story A very soon.

7) GOAL: tablet touch interface assessment and low-hanging fruit:
  We want to make the GUI look nice, at least in some constrained demo
behaviors, on an Ubuntu Touch tablet.  Jeff is looking at that as a
slack task atm.  Matt and/or Jeff with some occasional assists by me and
the design team will be the ones tackling this.  This is relatively low

Hope that's clear & useful.


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