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Rick Harding rick.harding at
Thu Jul 11 22:09:15 UTC 2013

On Thu, 11 Jul 2013, Gary Poster wrote:

> Hey Rick.  Huw and I were talking about the last bits of the charm
> browser changes for OSCON.  He mentioned that we could not have a home
> panel link for the sidebar (and maybe the full-screen view? maybe from
> search?) until you made some internal changes.  He said that you were
> including those as part of your autocomplete work.
> Is that accurate, and are we on track for Friday?  Will that include
> breadcrumbs, or at least home links, everywhere?  If not, I'd like to
> get someone on orange or gui team to work on that ASAP Friday.  I would
> really like us to launch with the ability to return to the home page
> because it is something that pretty much everyone wants to do. :-)
> Thanks!
> Gary

I think we can definitely go with "Home" and will have to do some work for

So he was talking about a 'back' link. That requires a concept of history
that's not currently implemented. Home should be easy to do as it just goes
back to a single spot.

We need the idea of back/history in order to help with the autocomplete as
when you're on fullscreen, start a search, select an autocomplete charm
option, and hit the 'back' button it should take you to whereever you were,
however it's hard coded right now to return to fullscreen search results.

This is not done and will probably not be done by EOD Friday as the base
autocomplete branch is still in review with changes on the way.


Rick Harding

Cloud Engineering

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