Regarding juju on CentOS

Francisco Souza f at
Fri Jun 1 18:39:42 UTC 2012

Hey there,
I've just get juju to work on CentOS using a patched [1] version of juju
0.5bzr531 (the same in Precise). The patch enables you to use

The patch consists of a new CloudInit class (CentOSCloudInit), and two
changes to the format_cloud_init function: disabling apt-update and
apt-upgrade; and adding support for modules.

Regarding cloudinit, I've included a new module [2], which is used to
install yum packages, the centos version of juju would depend on that
module getting merged into cloudinit code.

The main goal of this message is to define a strategy to support both
CentOS (and/or other RPM-based systems) and Ubuntu. We could add another
parameter to the environments.yaml file or to the `juju` command line tool,
which would make the LaunchMachine class choose between CloudInit

Are you all interested in adding support to CentOS in the Python version?
What approach do you suggest?


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