[ubuntu/jammy-proposed] dwarves 1.22-1 (Accepted)

Gianfranco Costamagna costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it
Sat Jan 22 09:15:47 UTC 2022

dwarves (1.22-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
    Changes since 1.20:

    - Allow encoding BTF to a separate BTF file (detached) instead of to a new
      ".BTF" ELF section in the file being encoded (vmlinux usually).
    - Introduce -j/--jobs option to specify the number of threads to
      use. Without arguments means one thread per CPU. So far used for
      the DWARF loader, will be used as well for the BTF encoder.
    - Show all different types with the same name, not just the first one found.
    - Introduce sorted type output (--sort), needed with multithreaded
      DWARF loading, to use with things like 'btfdiff' that expects
      the output from DWARF and BTF types to be comparable using 'diff'.
    - Stop assuming that reading from stdin means pretty printing as this broke
      pre-existing scripts, introduce a explicit --prettify command line option.
    - Improve type resolution for the --header command line option.
    - Disable incomplete CTF encoder, this needs to be done using the external
      libctf library.
    - Do not consider the ftrace filter when encoding BTF for kernel functions.
    - Add --kabi_prefix to avoid deduplication woes when using
    - Add --with_flexible_array to show just types with flexible arrays.

    DWARF Loader:
    - Multithreaded loading, requires elfutils >= 0.178.
    - Lock calls to non-thread safe elfutils' libdw functions (dwarf_decl_file()
      and dwarf_decl_line())
    - Change hash table size to one that performs better with current typical
      vmlinux files.
    - Allow tweaking the hash table size from the command line.
    - Stop allocating memory for strings obtained from libdw, just defer freeing
      the Dwfl handler so that references to its strings can be safely kept.
    - Use a frontend cache for the latest lookup result.
    - Allow ignoring some DWARF tags when loading for encoding
      BTF, as BTF doesn't have equivalents for things like
      DW_TAG_inline_expansion and DW_TAG_label.
    - Allow ignoring some DWARF tag attributes, such as DW_AT_alignment,
      not used when encoding BTF.
    - Do not query for non-C attributes when loading a C language CU
      (compilation unit).

    BTF encoder:
    - Preparatory work for multithreaded encoding, the focus for 1.23.

    - Support diffing against a detached BTF file,
      e.g.: 'btfdiff vmlinux vmlinux.btf'
    - Support multithreaded DWARF loading, using the new pahole --sort
      option to have the output from both BTF and DWARF sorted and thus
      comparable via 'diff'.

    - Support building with libc libraries lacking either obstacks or argp, such
      as Alpine Linux's musl libc.
    - Support systems without getconf() to obtain the data cacheline size, such
      as musl libc.
    - Add a buildcmd.sh for test builds, tested using the same set of containers
      used for testing the Linux kernel perf tools.
    - Enable selecting building with a shared libdwarves library or statically.
    - Allow one to use the libbpf package found in distributions instead
      of with the accompanying libbpf git submodule.

    - Address lots of compiler warnings accumulated by not using -Wextra, it'll
      be added in the next release after allowing not to use it to build libbpf.
    - Address covscan report issues.

    - Improve the --nr_methods/-m pahole man page entry.
    - Clarify that currently --nr_methods doesn't work together witn -C.

  * Refresh patches.
  * Drop patch no_shared_no_ebl, can do without it.
  * Build-Depends on linux-libc-dev (>= 5.14) for BTF_KIND_FLOAT.
  * Rename source package to dwarves. Closes: #705969.
  * Rename binary package to pahole and add a transitional dummy package.
  * Patch pahole manpage to fix groff's warning.
  * Configure gbp to sign tags by default.
  * Remove superfluous file patterns from debian/copyright.

Date: 2022-01-18 22:28:02.175447+00:00
Signed-By: Gianfranco Costamagna <costamagnagianfranco at yahoo.it>
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