Accepted: gtk+2.0 2.13.4-0ubuntu1 (source)

Sebastien Bacher seb128 at
Tue Jul 15 09:15:20 BST 2008

 OK: gtk+2.0_2.13.4.orig.tar.gz
 OK: gtk+2.0_2.13.4-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
 OK: gtk+2.0_2.13.4-0ubuntu1.dsc
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Format: 1.8
Date: Mon, 14 Jul 2008 12:30:29 +0100
Source: gtk+2.0
Binary: libgtk2.0-0 libgtk-directfb-2.0-0 libgtk-directfb-2.0-0-udeb libgtk2.0-common libgtk2.0-bin libgtk2.0-dev libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev libgtk2.0-0-dbg libgtk2.0-doc gtk2.0-examples gtk2-engines-pixbuf
Architecture: source
Version: 2.13.4-0ubuntu1
Distribution: intrepid
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Ubuntu Desktop Team <ubuntu-desktop at>
Changed-By: Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at>
 gtk2-engines-pixbuf - Pixbuf-based theme for GTK+ 2.x
 gtk2.0-examples - Examples files for the GTK+ 2.0
 libgtk-directfb-2.0-0 - The GTK+ graphical user interface library - DirectFB runtime
 libgtk-directfb-2.0-0-udeb - The GTK+ graphical user interface library - minimal runtime (udeb)
 libgtk-directfb-2.0-dev - Development files for the GTK+ library - DirectFB version
 libgtk2.0-0 - The GTK+ graphical user interface library
 libgtk2.0-0-dbg - The GTK+ libraries and debugging symbols
 libgtk2.0-bin - The programs for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
 libgtk2.0-common - Common files for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
 libgtk2.0-dev - Development files for the GTK+ library
 libgtk2.0-doc - Documentation for the GTK+ graphical user interface library
 gtk+2.0 (2.13.4-0ubuntu1) intrepid; urgency=low
   * New upstream version:
     - Merge the GSEAL branch
     - GtkScaleButton has an orientation property
     - Bugs fixed:
     538519 GtkCellRendererPixbuf doesn't allow unsetting the icon anymore
     538362 Get Win32 icons back in the file chooser
     538182 pango_cairo_context_update_layout is not noop after...
     508751 gnome-terminal crashed with SIGSEGV after keypress
     419737 The file chooser clears the filename entry in SAVE/CREATE_FOLDER...
     538784 Don't change the filename in the name entry in CREATE_FOLDER...
     538395 gtk_combo_box_append_text() on non-compliant model segfaults
     539363 Segfault when creating GtkPlugs
     539466 GtkMenuShell API/ABI break in trunk
     442042 GtkScaleButton is too limited
     540318 Invalid URL
     530255 GtkAboutDialog cuts off comments label
     540310 Avoid unnecessary repaints when resizing GtkWindow
     434535 printoperation's create_surface doesn't check temp file...
     539790 [PATCH] Please add three new settings to GtkSettings
     539164 Windows' System Menu blocks main loop
     541162 [Win32] Update for the new GdkWindowImpl stuff
     455268 Add gtk-enable-tooltips GtkSetting
     537591 Don't hardcode minimum width of menuitems
     541249 [Win32] Fix some internal static methods
     541305 [Win32] Scrolling was broken after GdkWindow refactoring
     540529 Remove all GIMP references
     538547 Update doc-shooter in gtk documentation
     535498 Printing demo broken
     539944 Add GtkScaleButton API so struct fields can be marked...
     540915 GtkBuilder sets properties in reverse order
     538863 Fixes assertion on entering empty folder
     540861 invalid UTF-8 in input device name
     540612 mem leak in filechooser
     540618 gtk_menu_shell_select_first prints warning on GtkMenubar...
     539944 Add GtkScaleButton API so struct fields can be marked...
     536966 Paper selector crashes
     378158 gdk_win32_selection_add_targets uses uninitialized hwnd v...
     516092 use gtk_drag_*_add_*_targets instead of hardcoded target ...
     536430 Libs and Cflags paths in are out o...
     538378 GtkFileSystemError should be public
     539095 directfb functions need to be renamed due to the offscree...
     539470 Fix critical warnings when the GIcon can't be found for a...
     539732 Warnings on destruction of GtkDialog.
     540235 Getting the current folder fails
     537639 complete the gtk_clipboard_request/wait_for/is_available_...
     - Updated translations
   * debian/patches/008_implicit_pointer_conversion_gdkgc_directfb.patch:
     - updated to the new version
   * debian/patches/009_gtk-export-filechooser.patch:
     - updated to the new version
   * debian/patches/070_mandatory-relibtoolize.patch:
     - updated to the new version
   * debian/patches/071_correct_directfb_declarations.patch:
     - updated to workaround new build issues
   * debian/patches/092_svn20393_fix_filechooser_get_filename.patch:
     - dropped, fixed in the new version
 57331264bc8b56a7d41e18c8176bff65559c6e06 2121 gtk+2.0_2.13.4-0ubuntu1.dsc
 14a48d373b8edd3e4d35a1906a8232dae49297b9 24564333 gtk+2.0_2.13.4.orig.tar.gz
 02cafdbecf3842b6f026728719fae75925ab679f 175564 gtk+2.0_2.13.4-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
 05608a6d5f5404740505c88f65d00af4804a43726e640759f841e74a0d02ea3f 2121 gtk+2.0_2.13.4-0ubuntu1.dsc
 2578ddd13c6769d472f16bda6da35053fd216bcd8b64f1a1eece4291e81e3a1b 24564333 gtk+2.0_2.13.4.orig.tar.gz
 7af704903b444b79a9568b343f9bf3d6a766f34693967ecdf9a70d7d8619090b 175564 gtk+2.0_2.13.4-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
 cd28b5304420913a2000c1e6098ee737 2121 libs optional gtk+2.0_2.13.4-0ubuntu1.dsc
 76961cfb01f7e7c2b5d82cdc83690234 24564333 libs optional gtk+2.0_2.13.4.orig.tar.gz
 fe31d48364298f509191e0d5416007e4 175564 libs optional gtk+2.0_2.13.4-0ubuntu1.diff.gz
Original-Maintainer: Sebastien Bacher <seb128 at>

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