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Format: 1.7
Date: Wed, 16 Apr 2008 16:19:56 +1000
Source: moblin-applets
Binary: moblin-applets
Architecture: source
Version: 0.55-0ubuntu1
Distribution: hardy
Urgency: low
Maintainer: Todd Brandt <todd.e.brandt at>
Changed-By: Steve Kowalik <stevenk at>
 moblin-applets - Control/status panel applets for moblin
 moblin-applets (0.55-0ubuntu1) hardy; urgency=low
   * New upstream release.
     - FFe bug is #181150.
     - Repack without .git or debian directories.
   * Add in CDBS patch system.
   * Add a small patch to use libmokoui2, and change Build-Depends accordingly.
 moblin-applets (0.55) hardy; urgency=low
   * Background Applet Upgrades
   * Vast improvement of the load time for the backgrounds applet
     it now takes 29 seconds to load 3275 images, which means that
     the average user's 200 images would take's under 2 seconds.
   * Changed the background loading scheme. It no longer looks at
     thumbnails from moblin-media, it looks at the media/photo
     path independantly and reads in the images from scratch. This
     has proven to be much faster.
   * Image loading now happens in four phases:
        1: the directories are read and a list of images created.
           this is done in a separate thread so the user can still
           access the GUI, change the background color, and exit
        2: the images are listed in the dialog w filenames only
           the dialog is innaccessible during this brief phase, which
           for 4000 photos is a fraction of a second.
        3: the thumbnails are generated from the image files. this
           is done in another separate thread so that the user can
           access the dialog without thumbnails until they are ready
        4: the thumbnails are added to the list. the dialog is
           innaccessible during this brief phase but, like phase2,
           it takes a fraction of a second since it's all in RAM.
 moblin-applets (0.54) hardy; urgency=low
   * disabled the moblin-system-daemon logging functionality, this
     is important since it could slow down the boot process as it
     tries to create a file in /var/log
 moblin-applets (0.53) hardy; urgency=low
   * Changed the background applet behavior
   * Fixed the color picker dialog to automatically update the
     "Solid Color Background" entry to reflect the new color, select
     its entry, and switch the background to the solid color.
   * If Solid Color Background was last set, reopening the dialog
     will select and scroll to its item.
   * Added stricter parsing rules for the xorg.conf file.
   * The touchscreen values are now only accessed in an InputDevice
     section with the Identifier set to touchscreen.
   * Duplicate values of the calibration parameters are ignored.
   * BUG: "Cannot add photos into wallpaper list"
     FIX: The package now installs a /desktop/moblin/background/thumbpaths
     folder in gconf and adds keys for every thumbnail cache folder the
     backgrounds applet should traverse looking for images. It installs
     two now, one for .moblin-media/thumbnails/largest and one for
     .realplayer/thumbnails/largest. It looks for them in /home/ume and
     pulls in any images named in the expected format. If there are
     duplicates it only takes the first found.
   * BUG: "Starting Touchscreen banner still exists when do nothing after
     launch touch screen till time out or exit calibration by ESC"
     FIX: I changed the behavior of the calibrator to always leave the
     min and max values in logical order (i.e. MaxX > MinX and MaxY > MinY)
     and to employ the use of SwapX and SwapY to handle inverted axes. The
     read_calibration and apply_calibration apis both still take five
     arguments, but instead of the last arg being rotation, it's a "flags"
     argument with 4 bits used: b0=SwapX, b1=SwapY, b2=RotateCCW,
     b4=RotateCW. The moblin-dbustest program has also been updated to
     read in this new data.
 moblin-applets (0.52) gaston; urgency=low
   * Added the read_calibration function to the moblin-system-daemon
     API in order to allow users to retrieve the xorg.conf data for
     the touchscreen. It returns xmin, xmax, ymin, ymax, and rotation.
   * Added read_calibration to the list of commands supported by
   * BUG: Touchscreen applet: if calibration wrongly and save the
     configuration, stylus will keep inaccurate even after correct
     calibration again
     FIX: There are 8 possible layouts for the touchscreen, all of
     which have now been tested. These are the possible ways that
     the touchscreen can be mapped to the display. These can be
     simulated on the samsung by pressing the buttons in different
     Screen points:
     0  1
     2  3
     1) No Rotation, X Aligned, Y Aligned
     press 0 1 2 3
     2) No Rotation, X Inverted, Y Aligned
     press 1 0 3 2
     3) No Rotation, X Aligned, Y Inverted
     press 2 3 0 1
     4) No Rotation, X Inverted, Y Inverted
     press 3 2 1 0
     5) ClockWise Rotation, X Aligned, Y Aligned
     press 2 0 3 1
     6) ClockWise Rotation, X Inverted, Y Aligned
     press 0 2 1 3
     7) ClockWise Rotation, X Aligned, Y Inverted
     press 3 1 2 0
     8) CounterClockWise Rotation, X Aligned, Y Aligned
     press 1 3 0 2
     The touchscreen calibration algorithm assumes the screen is rotated
     if the x coordinates of points 0, 1 and 2, 3 are within 100 of each
     other. This way you have some room to create a rectangle with your
     presses but if you go too far outside the points it will create a
     junk config. The config can be reversed though by redoing it properly.
 moblin-applets (0.51) gaston; urgency=low
   * Easier access for backgrounds applet: If there are 10 or more
     photos in the backgrounds applet I added a slider to the right
     of the dialog that allows the user to quickly move through them
     all. It has a button on top that jumps to the first photo and a
     button on bottom that jumps to the last photo. This way the user
     doesn't have to flick the moko finger scroller a hundred times
     trying to get at their photo near the end of the list.
   * BUG: "Time on marquee doesn't sync with time on moblin-applets when
     changing timezone"
     FIX: Fixed in 0.51, I added a read of the utc time before the
     timezone change, and a write of that utc time after the timezone
     change. The time now jumps before or ahead by the difference in
     timezone hours just like the marquee clock applet.
   * BUG: "Horizontal/Vertical Gradient configuration on wallpaper
     doesn't take effect"
     FIX: Fixed in 0.51. I removed the selector for solid/horiz/vert.
     The color picker button is now on the bottom of the dialog and is
     always solid.
   * BUG: "Duplicate pick color button exists for "Horizontal Gradient"
     and "Vertical Gradient" selection"
     FIX: Fixed in 0.51. I removed the selector for solid/horiz/vert.
     The color picker button is now on the bottom of the dialog and is
     always solid.
 moblin-applets (0.50.1) gaston; urgency=low
   * Changed the /etc/init.d/moblin-system-daemon script to actually
     do what it's supposed to
 moblin-applets (0.50) gaston; urgency=low
   * Added in the gconf key callbacks and xsettings triggers to
 moblin-applets (0.49) gaston; urgency=low
   * Fixed the moblin-keybindings .desktop file
 moblin-applets (0.48) gaston; urgency=low
   * BUG: "Cannot launch Keyboard/Sound/Screen resolution/About Device
     applets again if close them by ESC"
     FIX: I added support for GTK_RESPONSE_CLOSE, GTK_RESPONSE_CANCEL, and
     GTK_RESPONSE_DELETE_EVENT for every dialog's message handler in moblin
 moblin-applets (0.47) gaston; urgency=low
   * Major upgrade to moblin-system-daemon, the touchscreen and time
     applets. The system daemon now supports six functions.
       CaptureTouch: Starts the process of capturing a touch point. The
                     data is returned asynchronously via the TouchScreenData
       ApplyCalibration: Applies a calibration change to xorg.conf
       SetTime: Sets the current date&time via oobs
       GetTime: Gets the current date&time via oobs
       SetTimezone: Sets the current timezone via oobs
       GetTimezone: Gets the curent timezone via oobs
     These functions allow the touchscreen and time applets to function
     without the need for root access.
   * Added two test utilities for debugging the moblin-system-daemon.
       moblin-touchdump: Displays raw touchscreen input data and also
                         simulates CaptureTouch Logic in the case of
       moblin-dbustest: Accesses 4 of the DBUS API functions for testing
                        purposes: get_time, set_time, get_timezone, and
   * Changed all the .desktop files to use OnlyShowIn=GNOME;Mobile and
   * BUG: "mouse cursor change from clock to arrow slowly"
     FIX: gksu is no longer called by the touchscreen or time applets, so the
     mouse clock shouldn't get stuck anymore.
   * BUG: "Date/time dialog blocks all other areas except the dialog
     itself if it is not the first time to launch date/time applet from
     FIX: the dialog is non-modal on each load now
   * BUG: "time and date settings has wrong theme and leaves busy cursor
     FIX: the time applet is no longer called with gksu as it uses
     moblin-system-daemon to get/set the time and timezone.
 moblin-applets (0.46) gaston; urgency=low
   * BUG: "Click ESC to abort calibration, the calibration window doesn't
     close quickly while need wait 25 seconds"
     FIX: I accidentally introduced this bug by adding a touch_disconnect
     call to moblin-system-daemon which was intended to discontinue
     the capture_touch call when the user aborts. Unfortunately DBUS
     doesn't allow simultaneous calls, so it sat waiting for capture-touch
     to return. I removed this functionality.
   * BUG: "The calibration window doesn't close quickly after the read
     calibration line disappears, need wait more time"
     FIX: See bug 203412
   * BUG: "Mute shortcut key doesnot realy mute audio"
     FIX: the new behavior is that the mute shortcut mutes all the playback
     tracks that have mute buttons.
 moblin-applets (0.45) gaston; urgency=low
   * Changed all the files to just since
     there was no processing between to .in
   * Changed the format of the control panel .desktop files to
     include "OnlyShowIn=Settings".
   * All applets are now run as separate processes with the libraries
     spawning and monitoring those processes.
   * BUG: "The keyboard shotcuts can launch applications with more than
     one instances"
     FIX: I added code to moblin-settings-daemon to have it monitor any
     processes it spawns as a result of shortcut calls and to prevent
     relaunching an app if an instance already exists.
 moblin-applets (0.44) gaston; urgency=low
   * Removed All the NTP support features from the Date&Time Applet
   * Upgraded the touchscreen calibration utility to function properly
     on the crown beach
   * BUG: "It's hard to calibrate touch screen on CB+LCD kit"
     FIX: The hardware layer of the calibration utility was listening
     for packets which contain all the necessary data to establish a
     point touched. This means the X and Y coordinates as well as a
     button press notification in the form of either LEFT or TOUCH,
     followed by a REPORT tag. The problem is that the crown beach
     doesn't include all this info in a single packaet like the samsung
     and most other platform touchscreen modules, it spreads it accross
     several packets. So the calibrator was missing most of the finger
     presses. I changed the algorithm to span across multiple packets,
     collecting the data as it goes.
   * BUG: "os is not install NTP package to support date synchronization"
     FIX: I removed all the NTP time server stuff from our version of
     the date&time applet. It now only functions as a manual setting.
   * BUG: "Scroll bar exists in select time server UI when keep
     synchronize with Internet server"
     FIX: all the ntp stuff has been removed so this dialog no longer
   * BUG: "Launching soft keyboard made applets especially for About
     Device and Proxy dialog layout disordered"
     FIX: mokos added
   * BUG: "Select time server doesn't take effect when keep synchronized
     with internet server"
     FIX: removed ntp support
   * BUG: "Proxy setting and DateTime setting UI are not well layout for
     800x480 resolution"
     FIX: the date&time dialog is much smaller now and the network proxy
     dialog has a moko surrounding the first tab.
   * BUG: "Suggest to remove help button on Time&Date dialog due it shows
     error message"
     FIX: the help buton was removed since we build moblin-time now
     ourselves instead of using gnome-system-tools' time-admin.
 moblin-applets (0.43) gaston; urgency=low
   * BUG: "moblin-applets cannot launch control panel applet by manual"
     FIX: The problem was that with the new mobile-basic-flash calling
     convention all the applets create their dialogs and return
     immediately. I changed the behavior to return immediately only when
     the user_activated argument to execute is TRUE. If it's FALSE, the
     applets run a gtk_main and don't return until the dialog is destroyed
     and gtk_main_quit is called.
 moblin-applets (0.42) hardy; urgency=low
   * Added in a new set of status bar icon images
   * Then added Bob Spencer's set of icons with the backgrounds removed
   * Added Jason Cassezza's brightness and nobattery icons
 moblin-applets (0.41) gaston; urgency=low
   * Added internationalization support
   * pulled po directory and and settings back
     from the original gnome-control-center-2.18.1 fork.
   * Modified all the source, desktop, glade, and xml files to support
     internationalization strings for elements of the GUI
   * add po/en_US.po
 moblin-applets (0.40) gaston; urgency=low
   * BUG: "Click background applet cause hildon desktop crashed after
          delete one photo which is set to wallpaper"
     FIX: Placed a check to verify that the original file both exists and is
     readable by the applet.
 moblin-applets (0.39) gaston; urgency=low
   * BUG: No Way to set one photo to wallpaper
   * FIX: The moblin-media package changed both the thumbnail format and
     folder so the background applet couldn't find the images. It's been
 moblin-applets (0.38) gaston; urgency=low
   * The hardy push apparantly cancelled the gaston build, so
     I'm trying this one more time.
 moblin-applets (0.37) hardy; urgency=low
   * Botched 0.36 build, trying again
 moblin-applets (0.36) gaston; urgency=low
   * BUG: "Click Background applet cause hildon desktop restart"
     FIX: Added default gconf settings for /desktop/moblin/background
   * Fixed the moblin-system-daemon startup issue by ensuring that it is
     launched after the dbus daemon
 moblin-applets (0.35) gaston; urgency=low
   * Remove hardware keyboard layout selection, since removable hardware
     keyboard has low priority to be configurable. Default 101 keyboard layout
     is supported. This is to close m9 bugs #187914, #179155 and #185578.
 moblin-applets (0.34) gaston; urgency=low
   * Added a touchdump program which displays raw touchscreen
     data for debug purposes
   * fixed the moblin-system-daemon stop bug. The daemon now responds
     correctly to the SIGTERM signal.
 moblin-applets (0.33) gaston; urgency=low
   * Major updates to the touchscreen calibration utility
   * Split the utility into two pieces, one for the GUI portion, the
     other for the low level touchscreen driver access and xorg.conf
     configuration portion. The low level version now resides in a new
     system daemon called moblin-system-daemon which is started as root
     via init.d. The gui remains in the moblin-touchscreen executable. The
     two communicate via DBUS functions so that all the actions requiring
     root are carried out by the daemon. Thus there is no longer a need to
     log in as administrator to configure the touchscreen
   * Created a new root daemon for moblin called moblin-settings-daemon
     which will serve to handle all the administrative changes we want without
     requiring administrative login.
   * The touchscreen config utility now has the ability to determin the
     name of the xorg.conf file by scanning the /etc/event.d/session file
     and reading the option passed to the -config argument. This means that
     the samsungQ1 config file is no longer hardcoded and the applet should
     be more extensible to unknown platforms
   * added the capability to add in a completely new touchscreen config section
     to the target xorg.conf file if the one in use doesn't have one. This
     should allow any systemn to be configured from scratch without the need
     for any default config or prior knowledge of the touchscreen characteristics.
   * removed the filter placed on the points touched on the screen which prevented
     users from going too far from the illuminated points. This was causing
     problems on the crown beach.
 moblin-applets (0.32) hardy; urgency=low
   * Rolling the version purely to get it into gaston
 moblin-applets (0.31) gaston; urgency=low
   * Working on the creation of a moblin-system-daemon
   * forgot to update in 0.29 and 0.30 so any
     bugs fixed in those need to be tested with this version
   * BUG: "Terminal font size is not consistent by different opening
     ways: keyboard shortcut and GUI."
     FIX: This file configures the desktop shortcut for the terminal:
     Gconf key: /apps/moblin_settings_daemon/keybindings/term_cmd
     New value: uxterm -fa Monospace -fs 12
   * BUG: "Launching soft keyboard made control panel applets dialog
     window layout disordered."
     FIX: About Me dialog is encased in a moko now
   * BUG: "Cannot launch Email with keyboard shortcut"
     FIX: The problem I think is with the alt being a toggle rather
     than a control key on the samsung. I changed all the default
     shortcuts to use ctrl+shift+char now and they all seem to work great.
 moblin-applets (0.30) gaston; urgency=low
   * Added more file extensions to the background applet support
   * increased the populate time of the background applet treeview
 moblin-applets (0.29) gaston; urgency=low
   * Added Horace's patch to the keyboard applet
   * Resurrected the forked version of the Date&Time applet. It is now
     build as an executable called moblin-time and is spawned
     asynchronously by the hildon desktop.
   * Changed all the applets to return from their execute functions
     immediately once their dialogs are up. The previous blocking
     behavior was preventing backgruond and color changes to the
   * Changed the background applet to no longer use an XML database to
     save files. It scans the moblin-media thumbnail cache for photos and
     populates those instead. Photos can no longer be added or removed from
     the background applet, they are managed from the moblin-media photo
   * BUG: "The About Me UI is disordered after input multiple lines strings
     in Address edit entry"
     FIX: I tried instantiating a moko finger scroller around the address
     text box and it behaved just as I expected, the larger moko (for the
     entire dialog) overrode the smaller moko and the box was unusable. So
     this is a catch 22, I need the entire box to be in a moko so none of
     the component elements can be moko (unless Frank can figure something
     out). Instead I changed the behavior of the scrolled window around the
     address box to not allow the box to be resized. If you type too many
     lines you get horizontal and vertical scroll bars.
   * BUG: "Buttons on Background dialog is ugly, suggest make them small to
     be harmonious with the whole dialog"
     FIX: The add and remove wallpaper buttons are gone now. All that's left
     are Cancel, OK, and the background color picker buttons.
   * BUG: "Scroll bar exists in Add wallpaper dialog"
     FIX: There is no more add wallpaper dialog.
   * BUG: "Scoll bar exists when input many strings in Address edit entry
     on About Me dialog"
     FIX: Fixed with the about me moko
   * BUG: "Scroll bar exists in "Advanced Configuration" tab of Proxy applet"
     FIX: Added a moko scroller
 moblin-applets (0.28) gaston; urgency=low
   * BUG: "It shows disordered sound info after launch sound applet"
     FIX: To make things a little clearer though, I made the mute buttons
     stay in the same position on every tab regardless if there's volume
     control sliders or not. I also added in support for capture elements
   * BUG: "Suggest remove screen resolution list box since there is only
     one option for user"
     FIX: I have the screen resolutions combo box grayed out if there is
     only one resolution available. This way the user can see what the
     current and only resolution is and will know that they cannot change
   * BUG: "Screen resolution dialog layout disordered when try to change
     another resolution"
     FIX: The resolutions that caused this problem are no longer supported,
     however I did add them back in temporarily to test the failure. You
     can do it with this command:
     su -l ume -c "gconftool-2 --type "string" --set
     /desktop/moblin/screen/resolutions 1024x600,800x480,800x600,640x480"
     This command will enable 640x480 in the pulldown for test, and the
     latest dialog shows no alignment issues when it's reverted.
   * BUG: "Marquee bar disappear after change screen rotation and reboot
     FIX: I've removed the left and right rotations from the screen
     resolution dialog. It still supports inverted but that one has never
     had any issues.
   * BUG: "The About Me UI is disordered after input multiple lines
     strings in Address edit entry"
     FIX: I changed the about-me dialog to exist within a moko finger
     scroll, so if you start the virtual keyboard or type multiple lines
     in the address field the entire window will scroll
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