[Bug 1575652] Re: PXE install prefixes /cdrom to squashfs location, fails to find it

Tony Maro 1575652 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu May 5 17:00:16 UTC 2016

Ah I found another workaround / hack someone left on a comment in my
original askubuntu question.

It's definitely a hack but it got me around this bug.   I extracted the
initrd.gz file served by my TFTP site using this guide:

Then, I edited the included bin/fetch-url file to add the following
lines before the proto= line near the bottom:

# Remove /cdrom prefix:

Then I repackaged the initrd.gz file, copied it back to my tftp server
and everything worked.

Definitely a nasty hack, but it got the image working for me.

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  PXE install prefixes /cdrom to squashfs location, fails to find it

Status in live-installer package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Attempting to use PXE to install 16.04 results in an error dialog that
  states "The failing step is: Install the system".  Checking syslog
  shows that it has prefixed the URL to the filesystem.squashfs with
  "/cdrom" and failed to find the file.

  base-installer: info: Downloading
  to /tmp/live-installer/filesystem.squashfs

  Setting the path to the filesystem.squashfs by either the "append"
  option in the PXE default file, or as a preseed option in the
  kickstart file both have the same result.

  My PXE menu option:

  LABEL Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop
  MENU LABEL Xenial 16.04 Desktop
  KERNEL 1604/ubuntu-installer/amd64/linux
  append vga=normal ks= initrd=1604/ubuntu-installer/amd64/initrd.gz live-installer/net-image= biosdevname=0

  I found a changelog for live-installer 51ubuntu1 dated 4/18/16 that
  states it strips /cdrom/ prefix from all places, but this does not
  appear to be happening.  The log line points to base-installer rather
  than live-installer as the cause.

  This is from the 16.04 server release ISO, running base-installer_1.158ubuntu2_amd64 and live-installer_51ubuntu2_amd64

  I would expect that locating the live-installer filesystem.squashfs
  would not prefix the specified URL with /cdrom.  Previous versions of
  Ubuntu did not do this.

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