[Bug 1575652] Re: PXE install prefixes /cdrom to squashfs location, fails to find it

Tony Maro 1575652 at bugs.launchpad.net
Thu May 5 15:56:59 UTC 2016

Robert where are you specifying the filesystem.squashfs file?  In the
ks.cfg file?

Are you providing any other options in the ks file to enable the proxy
there as well?

I still get the same error, (prefixed with /cdrom) even with inserting
the http_proxy option.   I can confirm it uses the proxy to pull the
kickstart file, then the rest of the install is pulled without use of
the proxy.

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  PXE install prefixes /cdrom to squashfs location, fails to find it

Status in live-installer package in Ubuntu:

Bug description:
  Attempting to use PXE to install 16.04 results in an error dialog that
  states "The failing step is: Install the system".  Checking syslog
  shows that it has prefixed the URL to the filesystem.squashfs with
  "/cdrom" and failed to find the file.

  base-installer: info: Downloading
  to /tmp/live-installer/filesystem.squashfs

  Setting the path to the filesystem.squashfs by either the "append"
  option in the PXE default file, or as a preseed option in the
  kickstart file both have the same result.

  My PXE menu option:

  LABEL Ubuntu 16.04 Desktop
  MENU LABEL Xenial 16.04 Desktop
  KERNEL 1604/ubuntu-installer/amd64/linux
  append vga=normal ks= initrd=1604/ubuntu-installer/amd64/initrd.gz live-installer/net-image= biosdevname=0

  I found a changelog for live-installer 51ubuntu1 dated 4/18/16 that
  states it strips /cdrom/ prefix from all places, but this does not
  appear to be happening.  The log line points to base-installer rather
  than live-installer as the cause.

  This is from the 16.04 server release ISO, running base-installer_1.158ubuntu2_amd64 and live-installer_51ubuntu2_amd64

  I would expect that locating the live-installer filesystem.squashfs
  would not prefix the specified URL with /cdrom.  Previous versions of
  Ubuntu did not do this.

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