[Bug 1056456] Re: UIFe for ubiquity-slideshow-ubuntu

Dylan McCall dylanmccall at gmail.com
Wed Sep 26 15:38:34 UTC 2012

Hi, David!

> Could you list the exact strings that are changed? I'd like to see them
> before +1'ing this one.

Sure. They're also listed in this merge request over here:
Of course, that isn't very fun to read, so here is that in a
(hopefully) more readable format.

"Access for everyone"
(Replacing "Customize Ubuntu")

"At the heart of the Ubuntu philosophy is the belief that computing is
for everyone. With advanced accessibility tools and options to change
language, colour scheme and text size, Ubuntu makes computing easy —
whoever and wherever you are."
(Replacing "At the heart of Ubuntu’s philosophy is a belief that
computing is for everyone. With advanced accessibility tools and
options like your preferred color scheme, text size, and language,
Ubuntu is for anyone. Whoever you are, and wherever you are.")

"Make the most of the web"
(Replacing "Browse the web")

"Ubuntu includes Firefox, the web browser used by millions of people
around the world. And web applications you use frequently (like
Facebook or Gmail, for example) can be pinned to your desktop for
faster access, just like apps on your computer."
(Replacing "Ubuntu includes Mozilla Firefox for fast and safe web
browsing. It’s easy to use and it’s backed by a non-profit foundation
that loves the web. If you aren’t a Firefox fan, there are also lots
of alternatives in the Ubuntu Software Center.")

"Check out <a href=\"http://askubuntu.com/\">askubuntu.com</a> for
answers to all your Ubuntu questions. There’s a good chance your
question will have been answered already and, if not, you’ll find
thousands of volunteers eager to help. For more support options, go to
<a href=\"http://www.ubuntu.com/support\">ubuntu.com/support</a>."
(Replacing "Check out <a href=\"http://askubuntu.com/\">Ask
Ubuntu</a>, the best place to get an answer about Ubuntu. With most
questions already answered, and thousands of people ready to help,
you’ll be sorted in no time at all. And if you need an answer on a
deadline, you can get commercial support and more at <a

"<a href=\"https://one.ubuntu.com/services/free/\">Ubuntu One</a>
gives you 5GB of free cloud storage to access your files, share your
photos and <a href=\"https://one.ubuntu.com/services/music/\">stream
your music</a> to your computers, tablets and smartphones. Any photo
you take appears on all your devices, the instant you take it. Ubuntu
One runs on Ubuntu, Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and the web."
(Replacing "An <a href=\"https://one.ubuntu.com/services/\">Ubuntu One
Free</a> account gives you 5GB of cloud storage, so you can store and
sync your files and photos across devices and access them wherever you
are in the world. Easily share them with friends, family and
colleagues. Take a photo on your mobile phone and immediately see it
on your desktop, or add <a
href=\"https://one.ubuntu.com/services/music/\">Music Streaming</a>
for mobile to enjoy your music on the move.")

"All the music you need"
(Replacing "Take your music with you")

"Ubuntu comes with Rhythmbox, for organising and playing your music.
Compatible with all common portable music players, it includes the
Ubuntu Music Store, so you can find and buy new music in seconds."
(Replacing "Ubuntu comes with the amazing Rhythmbox music player. With
advanced playback options and the Ubuntu One music store built in,
it’s simple to queue up the perfect songs. And it works great with CDs
and portable music players, so you can enjoy all your music wherever
you go.")

"Everything you need for the office"
(Replacing "Write and present for free")

"LibreOffice is a free office suite packed with everything you need to
create documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Compatible with
Microsoft Office file formats, it gives you all the features you need,
without the price tag."
(Replacing "LibreOffice is a free office suite packed with everything
you’ll need to create impressive documents, spreadsheets, and
presentations. LibreOffice tries its best to work with other office
software, and it uses the OpenDocument standards for far-reaching

"The messaging menu gives you an eagle-eye view of incoming messages
from all applications and social networks. So you can see straight
away when there’s something new to read, regardless of how it
(Replacing "The Ubuntu Message Indicator gives you an eagle-eye view
of incoming messages from all applications and social networks. See at
a glance when there’s something new to read, regardless how it

"Say goodbye to searching the web for new software. With Ubuntu
Software Center, you can find and install new apps with ease. Just
type in what you’re looking for, or explore categories such as
Science, Education and Games, alongside helpful reviews from other
(Replacing "The Ubuntu Software Center has thousands of new
applications ready for your computer. Just type what you want or
explore the categories like games, science, and education. It is easy
to download new stuff and write reviews to share your experiences.")

"Fast and full of new features, the latest version of Ubuntu makes
computing easier than ever. Here are just a few cool new things to
look out for…"
(Replacing "Fast and feature-packed, Ubuntu makes your PC a delight to
use. And with the latest version of the Unity interface, it's now
easier than ever. Here are a few more cool new things to look out

> The Ubiquity Slideshow is not part of the documentation string freeze
> [1], and I would have expected changes to have landed much earlier. Any
> late changes in things like the installer or the slideshow leave much
> less time for translators to complete the translations, and most
> importantly, to test them.

Yeah, I hate when this happens. What I meant to say about doc freeze
is that I imagine it adds a lot to the backlog, so then is not the
best time to be coming along proposing more work. Yet here I am,
proposing more work :)

> As they are not part of the language packs, they cannot be tested often,
> and more than one team (mine included) has been bitten by having
> completed translations just in time, having them deployed, and ending up
> with a glaring typo that can no longer be fixed.
> Now it might well be that the delay has been caused by the Canonical
> team giving you the strings very late. If this is the case, please let
> me know and I'll make sure to make this point clear to them.

Indeed, that is the case, though I should add I also sat on them for a
couple days, unfortunately. I wish we had a better flow of information
there — I think the people who wrote the new copy might not have been
aware of the requirements around translations. (Of course, I'm also
really glad someone wrote stuff. That's a nice start!)

> In order to ease the work of translators, would it be possible to
> include translations from LP on every slideshow upload from now on? Or
> even better, I think a while ago you set up a web page with the
> localized versions of the slideshow that were updated regularly. That
> was extremely useful. Would it be possible to set that up again?

We can do both of those things :)
The translations are usually pulled down pretty frequently anyway, but
I'll make sure of that. I'm uploading the current slideshow with a new
set of translations to here:
Takes a while to upload, so it'll probably be about 30 minutes. (Would
be quicker if I had shell access, so I might pull that to my own web
space, in which case I will add a redirect and hopefully it won't
cause any problems).
I will try to update that page every three days for now.

> Thanks.

Thank you :)


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  The other visible changes for 12.10 — new screenshots and
  illustrations — will happen separately, because it is important we get
  these new strings in nice and quickly so they can be translated.

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