[Bug 667468] Re: apt-get autoremove don't find all packages

Daniel Hartwig 667468 at bugs.launchpad.net
Wed Sep 19 02:27:32 UTC 2012

[Clarification for future bug archaeologists]

Invalid – as per comment from juliank (hint: maintainer).  There was no
fix released to address this report because a bug was never identified.

Assuming use of the correct, documented commands:
# apt-get remove PKG
# apt-get autoremove

not enough information is presented about the packages involved to
determine whether a bug is present.  The maintainer does not think so.

It is well known that installing a package may bring in more
dependencies than can be automatically removed later.  Some of the
dependencies may satisfy Suggests or Recommends of another package, or
an or-group dependency (“Depends: libfoo | libbar”).  In any of those
cases, apt can not auto-remove a package simply because the package
which directly caused it's installation is no longer installed.

[Comments for the submitter]

Sworddragon, with respect to your diligence in filing reports and to
maintaining your previous reports (many submitters do not :-), please
kindly note these three points for the future:

Do not confirm your own reports.  If the maintainer/bug supervisor/etc.
has marked it invalid and you strongly disagree, then mark it new.  Do
so even if it was previously confirmed (in this case the original
confirmation was incorrect since the report requires more information).

If you no longer experience an issue but can not identify where it was
fixed (i.e. the particular changelog entry) then mark it as either
incomplete or invalid.  In this case it is not clear that there ever was
a bug so there can hardly have been a fix released for it.

Above all, absolutely do continue to file reports and keep them updated.
This is greatly appreciated.

King regards

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  apt-get autoremove don't find all packages

Status in “apt” package in Ubuntu:
  Fix Released

Bug description:
  Binary package hint: apt

  I'm using Ubuntu 11.04 dev and apt 0.8.7ubuntu1. apt-get autoremove
  don't find all unused packages. For example if I install alsa-utils,
  linux-sound-base is installed as a needed package. If I try to
  autoremove alsa-utils, linux-sound-base is ignored. Only a second
  autoremove does remove linux-sound-base. I have made an example (it's
  in german because I don't know how to start apt in english but it
  should show the problem with the commands).

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