A new font.ubuntu.com website

Paul Sladen ubuntu at paul.sladen.org
Thu Sep 15 12:00:38 UTC 2011

Steve Edwards of the Canonical Web Team tells us that on 2 September 2011
a new version of the website for the Ubuntu Font Family was uploaded:


The new version of site tries to be even more inline with HTML
standards and other microsites following the Ubuntu Brand Guidlines.  
At a technical level, it uses the Ubuntu webfonts served from the
Google Web Fonts system (instead of using images for previews).

This means a slightly larger download, but then the typeface is shown
at its highest quality, including using the viewers' own web browser
for rendering (this allows for sub-pixel anti-aliasing, and hinting).

Having the full font available also means that it's possible to make
the sample text on the front page editable, so the user is presented
with this opportunity.

Jane Silber, CEO at Canonical spotted it and wrote back "very nice,
… Love the 'write your own text' bit", and of course Steve the web
designer recommended that everyone "take a look"!

Many Thanks to the web team at Canonical for making it happen!


PS.  if anyone wants to help contribute to the font.ubuntu.com website
simply:  bzr lp:ubuntu-font-family-website  and hack away!

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