How to speed up the Edubuntu thinclient and how to create multiple user on the Edubuntu server

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Sat Nov 12 13:22:23 UTC 2011

On 12 Nov 2011, at 10:11 AM, jigmet mingur wrote:

> Hi Edubuntu Frds
>         Here  I have some doubts on Edubunt 10.10
> 1. How to speed up the Edubuntu thin client

I found this article 
  about compression.

Looking around the configuration files I didn't see any compression  
enabled in /var/lib/tftpboot/ltsp/i386/lts.conf so I added:

## SSH compression between LTSP client and server

Subjectively, using Firefox and LibreOffice apps feels a LOT faster.

But with 11 thin clients working (4 of them using TuxType and 1 using  
TuxPaint, the rest on Firefox or something else) the Dual Core was  
showing 2.8 to 3.4 workload (too high!) and the network throughput was  
still a solid 1.2GB per minute.

I know Tux-'x' is responsible for that, mostly, and is so slow it's  
unusable with more than 2 people using it at a time). But do give  
compression a try. I think it makes a noticeable improvement for  
browsing and general work.

(Aside: does anyone know of a decent touch-typing program that isn't  
as bandwidth intensive as Tux?)

And I must say, though I haven't tested exhaustively, while Firefox,  
LibreOffice Write and Calc still take a fairly long time to load  
initially; once they're running they seem fine. And then again, they  
only take about as long as OpenOffice takes to start on a normal PC. ;)

Overall, I'm very disappointed with the performance of Edubuntu  
compared to, for e.g., MS Terminal Server. One of these days I'd like  
to get around to booting a PXE basic X client and running an  
xtightvncviewer session to the host.

> 2. How to create thin client user on the server

Not sure I understand the question.

 From a terminal:
sudo adduser arbusername

Or use [System] [Administration] [Users and Groups] on the Gnome  

(Under Unity you can just click on the [+] application launcher and  
start typing user... or find it under System Administration.)

> 3.How to install the thin client manager.


Not sure what you mean, again. In 11.04, which I'm using, the closest  
thing I can imagine is iTalc.

HTH. And please try the compression and give us some feedback...
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