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Mon Mar 14 02:03:09 UTC 2011

Dear David Clinton,

Thank you very much for all you've done. It is really a new horizon for me, with 
many to explore. I have also joined the Ubuntu forum so I can expand my 
knowledge about Ubuntu. I'm very enthusiasthic to learn the new horizon you've 
given me. And  I think I can't thank you enough for those.. 

Best Regards,
Dibya Hutama

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On Sun, 2011-03-13 at 07:52 -0700, hutama dibya wrote:
> Thank You very much for openning a new horizon to me. It works now, 


> Would you be so kind to inform me what programs to download and from
> where ? 

You will find OpenOffice (the Office equivalent) already installed.
Click on the "Applications" menu on the top left of your screen and then
click on Office. The various programs will be in that new menu.
I don't remember if Audacity (audio recording and editing) and Pitivi
(video editing) are installed automatically. If they are, you will find
them both under "Applications" and "Sound&Video". If they're not, you
can install them by clicking on "System" then "Administration" and then
"Synaptic Package Manager" (or under "Administration" and "Ubuntu
Software Center"). You can search for Audacity and Pitivi and install
> Best Regards,
> Dibya Hutama

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