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David Groos djgroos at
Wed Sep 15 03:52:49 BST 2010

I've been perusing all the threads I could find about LDAP and AD
authentication.  I've seen Scott's
more than once (and thanks David H for sharing how you filled in
the 'client install section'--extra examples help).  I'm a teacher and not a
techer, and when I look at Scotts instruction well, you can imagine how I

The following is what I'm trying to do.  I just have a couple of admin and
test users on my Lucid LTSP server at this time.  What I *want* to happen is
that a student, who doesn't yet have an account on my server BUT has one
with the district, be able to:

   1. walk up to a thin client, sit down and upon entering her district
   username and password, authenticate against the districts Active Directory
   2. I want *that* to create an account and home folder (as a desktop user)
   for the user on my Lucid server.
   3. Thereafter, whenever the student logs in on the thin client, they are
   authenticated against the district AD server and have access to their Lucid
   home folder.  I think this is possible, right?
   4. Question: Would I then manage my users with the standard 'Users and
   Groups' application that's in the 'Administration' menu, or would I use
   something else to administer the users?

If a few people have had good luck with Scott's page on Lucid, I'll bring
that page to the people in the know at our district and ask for some help
following the instructions on that page.

I think using some setup like this is probably a basic need for
Edubuntu/LTSP setups in large urban districts.  Thanks for your help,

David G


> I also use LDAP (Openldap). Scott Balneaves wrote up a tutorial on how
> to get authentication working a while back.  It can be found here:
> Follow the section for Client: install client pieces.  For my systems,
> I added just the ldap-auth-client.    I answered the questions. I
> changed the ldapi:/// to ldap://IP.x.y.z:389/ ... I also entered the
> correct info for the realm.  I answered yes to the question about
> having root be able to change passwords, and no for the authentication
> required to access the database.
> Next, I copied/pasted the example profile changing given on the above
> page, only I changed edubuntu to something appropriate for our school
> and saved it as ncs-ldap-config.
> I then invoked auth-client-config -a -p ncs
> Afterwards I was able to use ldap.  I now have 7 servers all
> authenticating successfully following this approach. Many thanks to
> Scott for help with that wiki page.
> Sincerely,
> Dave Hopkins
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