nautilus brower icon missing?

Scott Balneaves sbalneav at
Thu Feb 25 17:45:49 GMT 2010

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 11:19:02AM -0500, David Hopkins wrote:

> Thanks!   I'll try this.  Though is this going to be an issue with the users
> still moving between LTSP5/LTSP4.2 along with Edubuntu 9.10 and CentOS 5.4?
> e.g. finding conflicts between how gnome behaves on the systems? I suspect I
> have some surprises still waiting for me.

Well, I suspect you're going to have several differences:

1) Centos 5.4 has Gnome-2.16, whereas you're on Gnome-2.28 with Karmic.
There's been changes in GNOME obviously.
2) Centos probably default-configures GNOME differently than Ubuntu does.
Ubuntu tends to try do "discourage" icons on the desktop, since this means you
have to minimize/move out of the way applications that are covering up the
icons in order to be able to use them, with the preference towards having
things show up in either the top or bottom panel, which are always visible.
So, in order to get "icons on the desktop" you need to do some *extra* stuff to
get them to show up.


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