LTSP-Cluster Howto for Ubuntu 9.10

uwe uwe.geercken at
Sun Oct 11 09:48:52 BST 2009

dear edubuntu friends,

I am at a point where I have resolved most of the big issues. my
classroom with the 15 clients works quite well and the installation is

I have two classes a week with 15 kids aged about 11-12 years. I do 

So now I am trying to make my life easier and get rid of the little

There are two things I noted yesterday:

1) I have the correct time on the server say 20:45. But on the login
screens of the clients they all show 22:35. I am puzzled by this 10
minutes difference. After the client logged in, the correct time is
shown. Why is that and how can I change this?

2) I created two new users using the command from the menu: testuser15
and testuser16. But I was not able to log in. the message was: "No
response from server...". I could log in with other user id's. after a
while of trying this and that, I tried it again and it worked on one
client - I could log in with testuser16. when I went to the next client,
again I could not log in. after more research, I found out that no
personal home folder had been created for this user. so I removed the
user and his group and recreated the user and then it worked. strange
behavior. has anybody seen this before?

best regards,

uwe geercken

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