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Steve Rippl rippls at
Tue Oct 6 04:52:03 BST 2009

I'd like to chime in with a positive note as a humble end-user.  I'm
Tech Director in a smallish School District in SW Washington and we've
been working hard getting open source software in front of the kids.
Obviously it benefits us getting "free" software, but I enjoy using it
and exposing others to it!

Anyway, Ubuntu/Edubuntu certainly seems to have come a long way in the
last couple years, we're having a lot of success with current LTSP,
Sabayon etc etc and I want to say thanks to all those that do so much.
I know how hard it is to organize a project like this on the backs of
volunteers and frankly it's amazing that it does as well as it does!!  

I'll keep listening in and contributing where I can, I know there are
lots of others like me in Education that silently use Edubuntu and are
thrilled that it's there.  Greater cooperation with other projects
(debian-edu...) and more active participation from users could obviously
only be a good thing, I'm sure things can gently be steered in positive

Thanks again,
Steve Rippl

On Mon, 2009-10-05 at 16:06 -0700, Scott Balneaves wrote:
> Hello all,
> Rather than get into the previous thread, thought I'd start a more
> positive
> one...
> 1) I'm not leaving.  I've been *sick* for the last week, (something
> flu like,
>    I'm hoping it was H1N1, so I'll have immunity to it now :), but,
> still
>    slogging away in the trenches.
> 2) As part of my committment, Sabayon is now in a workable state for
> Karmic.
>    As well, I've also created a set of patches that (Hosannah!) allows
> for gui
>    applies of profiles *by group*.  As part of this process, I've
> become an
>    upstream developer, and Federico's now accepting my work upstream.
> 3) I'm still plinking away at the handbook.  I undertook several
> months of work
>    getting the Docbook in place for the LTSP translation.  Vagrant's
> done some
>    preliminary packaging work for the LTSP docs, and I'm working on
> the
>    handbook cleanup.
> 4) I am subscribed to the debian-edu mailing list, and have contacted
> some
>    Debian developers.  Apparently, they want me to take over the
> Sabayon
>    package in Debian as well (!) and I now have an account on alioth
> (I've done
>    nothing with this for the last month, been to busy with other
> stuff).
> 5) I've been testing installs with LaserJock's excellent work that
> he's done
>    on the seeds that turns Edubuntu into a distro again, as some
> people have
>    desired.
> Cheers,
> Scott
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