Not leaving Edubuntu

Scott Balneaves sbalneav at
Tue Oct 6 00:06:31 BST 2009

Hello all,

Rather than get into the previous thread, thought I'd start a more positive

1) I'm not leaving.  I've been *sick* for the last week, (something flu like,
   I'm hoping it was H1N1, so I'll have immunity to it now :), but, still
   slogging away in the trenches.
2) As part of my committment, Sabayon is now in a workable state for Karmic.
   As well, I've also created a set of patches that (Hosannah!) allows for gui
   applies of profiles *by group*.  As part of this process, I've become an
   upstream developer, and Federico's now accepting my work upstream.
3) I'm still plinking away at the handbook.  I undertook several months of work
   getting the Docbook in place for the LTSP translation.  Vagrant's done some
   preliminary packaging work for the LTSP docs, and I'm working on the
   handbook cleanup.
4) I am subscribed to the debian-edu mailing list, and have contacted some
   Debian developers.  Apparently, they want me to take over the Sabayon
   package in Debian as well (!) and I now have an account on alioth (I've done
   nothing with this for the last month, been to busy with other stuff).
5) I've been testing installs with LaserJock's excellent work that he's done
   on the seeds that turns Edubuntu into a distro again, as some people have


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