Wiki Hug Day

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at
Mon Oct 5 07:59:28 BST 2009


I'm posting this to edubuntu-users and edubuntu-devel since the wiki
issues have been discussed on both recently.

What is a Wiki Hug Day? Well, in the Ubuntu world, a hug day is often
dedicated to a certain problem where a group of people dedicate a few
hours or the entire day to a specific problem.

We're planning to take at least a day do put together a concerted effort
to look at our wiki problems and get together some solutions. We'll
probably not have all the answers in one day, and will continue work
afterwards and most probably have a follow-up hug-day as well.

We want as many people as possible to participate, we still have to
figure out some details, but it will mostly be an all-day event. If you
just want to help out for a few minutes to a few hours (like I think
most people will do), then you're welcome to do so. The date hasn't been
decided yet, but you can vote on a date that would suite you on

We'll try to plan as much ahead of time as possible. We'll be discussing
the details on the edubuntu-devel mailing list and also on the IRC
channel, and it will be co-ordinated on (very rough still at
this stage).

If there are any questions feel free to shout any time.


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