Leaving Edubuntu

Jonathan Carter (highvoltage) jonathan at ubuntu.com
Sat Oct 3 15:24:32 BST 2009

Hi Ace

(I'm cc'ing you since I don't know whether you're on the list anymore)

Ace Suares wrote:
> See http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2009/10/02/%23ubuntu-meeting.html#t17:59
> On the agenda was a proposal from LaserJock, which would resolve the
> deadlock around cleaning up the wiki. It was not addressed. The EC
> totally ignored the agenda.

When I read your e-mail the first time I actually thought that I missed
it on the agenda. If you check
https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Edubuntu/WikiSite/Meeting/Agenda there's a
section called "Agenda next meeting" and "Agenda 2009-11-09". The wiki
item was actually under "Agenda 2009-11-09", which is only next month.
I'm not sure where that date comes from, or why we're splitting the
agenda, or who split it up like that. We usually put it on one date and
just remove the items that are discussed already, leaving unresolved
items for the next meeting.

Additionally, I think it's very unfair to say that the issue was
ignored. We've already addressed the issues that blocked you from doing
any work when discussing it on the edubuntu-devel mailing list. We won't
be discussing every single wiki page before changing or moving it, no
one has the time for that. Instead, we would rather have you follow the
guidelines we have discussed and using your own judgement.

> Well, nothing has happened. No comments on the wiki page. No talk about
> either Jordan or mine proposal in the first EC meeting in months.
> When I started this, I thought I would clean up the wiki in about three
> intensive weeks.

Ace, that's part of the problem. You moved a great deal of wiki pages
without discussing it with anyone or getting more feedback on the issue.
When working in a team, you can't decide to do big things on your own,
even if you end up doing most of the work. There's a good reason why "Be
considerate" and "Be collaborative" are two of the major six points of
the Ubuntu Code of Conduct[1].

> Due to total inadequacy of the governing body of Edubuntu, this project
> is still in limbo.
> Actually, there is only ONE person stopping me every time I move
> forward. All the others either don't care or give some praise and
> encouragement.
> I'm done with this bunch. Some very common sociodynamics are at work.
> Pioneers Syndrome comes to mind. These sociodynamics do really crumble
> the structure of Edubuntu and stop (some) new people getting involved.

I'm not familiar with the concept of "Pioneers Syndrome". I tried to
look it up but couldn't find any reference. I agree that we've had some
problems, but we've been very public and honest about it and we've
acknowledged that Edubuntu's problems won't be sorted out over night.

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