[Ltsp-discuss] File Copy vs File Move when transferring files in /home

John Hansen jhansen at winonacotter.org
Mon May 18 23:02:09 BST 2009


I'm running Edubuntu 8.04 with LTSP. In /home, I have a "Drop" folder
(/home/Drop) that students have write only privileges to for dropping in
assignments for teachers to grade from the thin clients. Problem is, when
students transfer their projects into the Drop folder, the system does a file
move instead of a file copy. This moves the file from their directory which is
also in /home, leaving the student without a copy or backup.

What do I need to change so that when a file is transferred from a students
home directory (/home/student), to the Drop folder (/home/Drop) a copy is
transferred and not just moved.



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