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Jordan Erickson jerickson at
Wed Jun 17 16:38:59 BST 2009


Please comment on the existing bug here:

It's been open for a while - I would think it'd be a very easy thing to 
fix, but I guess nobody has gotten around to taking care of it yet. This 
would help your problem - in the meantime, I've installed "KUser" which 
is a pretty well made interface for user/group management at my sites. 
The teachers seem to like it because it looks like the old Windows NT 
user admin tool (which they were used to before our switch).


David Groos wrote:
> Hi All,
> I need to find a better way to manage my users.  The 'Users and 
> Groups' app is too awkward.  With 150 users it is a long list AND it 
> isn't even sortable by username!  When I go to edit a group, the names 
> are listed in a long horizontal line, 1 user after another, separated 
> by semicolons.
> Is this a use-case for LDAP?  Is there an alternative to Users and Groups?
> Also, our school already uses an LDAP (or it may be a Windows Active 
> Directory)--is there some way to tie into that but manage group 
> membership at the level of my thin client network that wouldn't 
> interfere with the school-wide setting?
> Thanks some more!
> David

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