LTSP_over_WLAN_ver0.8 - new version available

J K jussike at
Sat Jan 31 19:29:42 GMT 2009

There is a new version of LTSP_over_WLAN.
I think it's now easier to configure and use.
It contains conf-file generator and initrd-file generator.

Please let me know any bugs. Test it and tell me that is it useful.

Jussi Keranen
Original post:

LTSP over WLAN, v. 0.7 by Jussi Keränen.

Feel lucky? Try this one. Please, test it, crash it and make LTSP rocks
over WLAN, too.

# LTSP over WLAN -script for Ubuntu 8.10
# This script will make a initrd.img.ltsp.wlan -file which contains
# drivers for WLAN-chipset and modifications to LTSP boot scripts.
# So you can boot and load vmlinuz and initrd.img.ltsp.wlan from local
# media. If you are lucky then your machine continue booting to LTSP thin
# client over WLAN.

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