very slow logoff for clients authenticating via winbind

john lists.john at
Fri Feb 20 20:56:58 GMT 2009

Hi all,

I just done a fresh install of Ubuntu LTS 8.04.2. I've set LTSP up so
that clients can authenticate against active directory via Winbind. My
problem is that users who have domain accounts must wait 30 seconds or
more between clicking the logoff icon on their gnome desktop and
actually being presented with the screen that allow them to log off.
Users with local machine accounts are given the log off pop-up

 I see in the archives Matt had this problem with LDAP and had a fix
back on Wed Nov 26 19:41:28 GMT 2008. However the fix was detailed.
Can anyone help me solve this for winbind? Or at least help me figure
out where such an issue might be getting logged?



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