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Wed Apr 22 05:29:03 BST 2009

The first episode of The Exciting Adventures Of Master Chef Ogro Fruits And
Vegetables Extraordinaire has been released!  The Platinum Arts Sandbox RPG
is a branch off of the main version of the open source free 3D Game Maker.
The free download is available at the new Platinum Arts Sandbox webpage, <>

The majority of the content was created by High School students and it has
already been accepted at a College festival and competition.  The RPG
features produce magic and monsters and many levels to explore.  The project
has been kept kid friendly with mild animated combat which features monsters
becoming "full" and unable to attack. The RPG contains many new powerful
features, including the ability to easily add and tweak NPCs, monsters,
spells, etc.  Though kid friendly, without much effort the RPG could be used
to create a non kid friendly game.

The main version of sandbox is getting a ton of awesome updates!  It has
been reported that Sandbox runs even faster now, and there are tons of new
features coming up, including a map with a working train!  Check out the
screenshot in the custom content section!  A new release is expected in 1-2
months.    To stay updated sign up for our new newsletter:

I hope you enjoy.  Feedback is more than welcome especially as we want to
polish it before Friday so we can hopefully beat some college student
projects :D  Take care.
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