ldm numlock

Jordan Erickson jerickson at logicalnetworking.net
Thu Sep 11 21:18:55 BST 2008

Jeez.. Sorry for confusion, Scott you weren't the one I talked to, it 
was vagrantc.

Apparently the reason numlockx doesn't work for LDM is that it gets 
launched AFTER LOGIN (xsession.d script). This was the issue that halted 
my own research.

Here's the IRC log I found that pertains:
Aug 28 16:03:52 vagrantc        with newer versions of ldm, there's also 
code to do that sort of thing by setting values in lts.conf
Aug 28 16:03:52 johnny  i wonder where i got that idea
Aug 28 16:04:26 Lns     vagrantc: that'd be nice...but you know it'd be 
so cool to have the "backward" compatibility w/normal packages that 
don't know about ltsp
Aug 28 16:04:57 Lns     seems like a lot of duplicated effort
Aug 28 16:05:03 vagrantc        Lns: with using /etc/X11/Xsession.d 
hooks, it won't work until a user logs in ... that's why there's code 
for handling it from within ldm
Aug 28 16:05:11 Lns     OH
Aug 28 16:05:22 Lns     is that the case with GDM as well?
Aug 28 16:05:39 vagrantc        presumably.
Aug 28 16:06:31 Lns     man...well i guess i'm 1 out of 1,000 people who 
need numlock on for entering a username/pw
Aug 28 16:07:12 vagrantc        well, it was recently added to ldm...
Aug 28 16:07:18 vagrantc        so someone else out there must need it.
Aug 28 16:07:30 Lns     oh i know... :) thx for that btw
Aug 28 16:08:22 Lns     is there a way to do this until that code is 
unleashed into the wild?
Aug 28 16:08:30 Lns     i'm guessing in the ldm scripts as johnny said
Aug 28 16:12:08 Lns     /opt/ltsp/i386/usr/lib/ldm/rc.d/ is the place to 
put it?
Aug 28 16:19:37 Lns     vagrantc: can you check this real quick and let 
me know if it looks ok? http://lns.wikidot.com/xenablenumlock
Aug 28 16:19:44 vagrantc        Lns: that will still only work on login
Aug 28 16:20:01 Lns     ugh
Aug 28 16:20:02 Lns     hehe
Aug 28 16:20:16 Lns     so....is there any way at all?
Aug 28 16:21:00 vagrantc        currently no.
Aug 28 16:21:25 vagrantc        well, depends on your version
Aug 28 16:21:39 Lns     Ubuntu 8.04.1
Aug 28 16:22:25 vagrantc        hmmm... i don't even see it in trunk ...
Aug 28 16:22:42 vagrantc        i definitely saw the patch at some 
point, and thought it was merged
Aug 28 16:23:26 Lns     can you tell me why Xsession/ldm scripts don't 
get run until after login? I know there's a good reason but i just am 
not aware of it
Aug 28 16:23:53 vagrantc        because that's exactly what they're 
designed for?
Aug 28 16:24:26 vagrantc        for ldm, there are plans to make hooks 
for pre-login, but that isn't implemented yet.
Aug 28 16:25:03 Lns     so maybe i'm not understanding...forgive me if i 
sound like a moron.. isn't LDM/GDM/KDM/etc launched via X ?
Aug 28 16:25:24 vagrantc        other way around. *DM launches X
Aug 28 16:25:35 Lns     So how does *DM display itself?
Aug 28 16:25:46 Lns     it's own graphical toolkit.. ?
Aug 28 16:26:09 vagrantc        ah, you caught me in a web of lies! :P
Aug 28 16:26:16 Lns     lol
Aug 28 16:26:32 *       Lns feels proud of himself
Aug 28 16:27:36 vagrantc        
Aug 28 16:28:02 *       vagrantc can't figure out how to get a thread view
Aug 28 16:28:24 vagrantc        http://marc.info/?t=121559921100004&r=1&w=2
Aug 28 16:28:26 vagrantc        there.
Aug 28 16:28:49 Lns     *hold music*
Aug 28 16:29:16 vagrantc        i don't know what happened in the end.
Aug 28 16:30:47 Lns     wow
Aug 28 16:30:57 Lns     strange to think my issue was being talked about 
just last month
Aug 28 16:31:23 vagrantc        issues tend to come in waves.
Aug 28 16:32:17 Lns     heh... ok well maybe i'll sub to the -devel list 
and post a question reply seeing where it is..hopefully it can be 
brought to hardy
Aug 28 16:38:29 Lns     thx a bunch for the help vagrantc

Jordan Erickson wrote:
> Scott,
> Following your directions regarding numlockx on the server did not work 
> for me - and I remember we figured out why last week/week before (do you 
> remember?), but I don't recall now. I'll try and dig up the IRC log.  I 
> know Gadi and I spoke about it as well.
> - Jordan
> Scott Balneaves wrote:
>> On Thu, Sep 11, 2008 at 12:15:48PM -0700, Jordan Erickson wrote:
>>> I seem to remember this conversation just last week. ;)
>>> Please see LTSP-Developer thread: 
>>> http://marc.info/?l=ltsp-developer&m=121559909600744&w=2
>>> There is a patch involved, lts.conf variable, but hasn't had any action 
>>> based upon last message regarding external dependency.
>>> Let's get the ball rolling on this, I'd love to see it backported to 
>>> Hardy as it's an issue at all of my sites as well.
>> Well, short term, I'd say you could resolve it in one of two ways:
>> 1) Putting it on the server, as I've described previously
>> 2) I wouldn't want to accept that patch, because hardcoding numlockx into the
>> greeter's just... ewww.  We've got an rc.d mechanism, so you could just do 
>> something along the lines of installing numlockx within the chroot, then
>> creating a ${CHROOT}/usr/share/ldm/rc.d/10numlock that goes something like:
>> if [ -n "${LDM_NUMLOCK}" ]; then
>>     numlockx "${LDM_NUMLOCK}"
>> fi
>> Personally, I prefer 1, since, on the server, you know who the user is.
>> So, for instance, if you have a server with 30 terminals, 15 users WANT their
>> numlock turned on, and 15 people want it off, you can add the 15 people into a
>> "numlock" group, and do something cool like: (in an
>> /etc/X11/Xsession.d/10numlock file)
>> NUMLOCKSTATUS=$(id | grep numlock)
>> if [ -n "${NUMLOCKSTATUS}" ]; then
>>     numlockx on
>> fi
>> Doing it within the chroot ties numlock to the terminal i.e. you can set
>> LDM_NUMLOCK = on in your lts.conf, and anyone who sits at that TERMINAL gets
>> their numlock turned on.  My preferred way (on the server) means that a
>> particular USER gets their numlock desires honoured, whichever terminal they
>> sit at.
>> Or at least, that's my reasoning.
>> Cheers,
>> Scott

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