Is it just me, or is LTSP a mess?

kjetil knudsen knukje at
Thu Sep 11 12:35:41 BST 2008

> one thing coming up often here since 7.10 are apps hanging around ...
> please note *this is usually a faulty app* i made various requests to
> the people complaining to please file bugs about the apps not exiting
> properly if their parent session goes away (the first request for that
> was around the 7.10 development cycle over a year ago) so i can point
> the app developers to fix these bugs (whih they will gratefully do). up
> to today not a single bug for any of the apps was put into launchpad
> only many hackish workarounds came up that kill apps on startup in very
> intrusive ways ...

First of all. Thank you for all your work. Our school has been using Linux
for the last 5 years now because it is simply the only reasonable thing to
do. First we tried Skolelinux, but we decided that K12LTSP and Fedora suited
our needs better. And now we decided that Edubuntu would be the right choice
for our school. Even with all the problems we have encountered I still think
that Edubuntu has much to contribute regarding our school, pupils and staff.
And while I am writing this I really hope that we are not forced to go back
to K12LTSP with LTSP 4.2. Many of our daily problems are as mentioned
before, the apps hanging around. I have not the knowledge, nor the knowhow
how this should be fixed. The same problem occured however in K12LTSP. But
Eric Harrison wrote a simple script that killed the apps hanging around
everytime a user loged in. It was dirty, but it worked. No apps hanging
around in the system. What I do not understand is why there is not a similar
script in Edubuntu that works, even if it is dirty? It would really helped
us out a lot..." Pkill -u user" does a fine job killing the left-behind apps
for the specified user. Why can not this be integrated when a user logs out?
Forgive me if I sound ignorant..... I understand that this would not be a
real fix, but hey... If it works...

Again.. Thank you for all your effort and time. We are all very grateful..

Kjetil Knudsen
Grødem skole, Norway.
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