New Direction for LTSP: Diskless Remote Boot

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> Hello
> There was a simular thread at debian-edu concluding with following
> posting: <>
> In short: There are usecases for both technologies but for mixed
> environments the LowFat client of LTSP is the less invasive approach.
> For example when terminal server is established and there is a need for
> more powerful clients (multimedia) or it would be a waste of server
> power if better client hardware arises.

I agree with most of what Knut says.  Keep in mind, though, that his
analysis of DRBL is 14 months old.  Software moves fast.  DRBL is a *great*
solution for older hardware.  It is a great solution for newer hardware.
Install the most common linux distros, install DRBL, and you have thin
client services.  The biggest problem with Edubuntu is its diminishing
support for older hardware.  I can boot a 486 with DRBL.

> gerhard

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