Is it just me, or is LTSP a mess?

R. Scott Belford scott at
Tue Sep 9 23:43:45 BST 2008

Asmo is certainly not the only person. I know of at least 10 live

> deployments that have no problems with ubuntu/edubuntu. I'm running
> pentium 2 500mhz with 128 mb ram as the majority of my thin clients
> (must be a good 8-10 years old) and they run like clockwork... the
> problems almost always have to do with server configuration and how
> the ltsp 5 has been setup there... If you believe jumping to another
> distro is going to solve your problems, think again. LTSP is now
> distro independent and whatever problems you run into on ed/ubuntu you
> are likely to run into on another distro (probably with many more
> problems jumping at you first.) Ubuntu is the ONLY distro that has
> LTSP as out of the box as it does.

Those are some pretty strong claims about the performance of other distros
out of the box.

What version of ubuntu/edubuntu are you using, and how much did you have to
tweak your lts.conf file?

What is your experience level with the K12LTSP, either Fedora or CentOS

What is your experience level with DebianEdu aka Skolelinux?

> If there are issues with 8.04, then please, by all means note them
> down... file a bug report... or at least list them here so we can help
> go through them...

Have you seen the littany of issues regarding 8.04, many of which seem to
linger from 7.10, on this list?  I believe they have been clearly and
repeatedly stated.

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