Is it just me, or is LTSP a mess?

Dean Mumby dean at
Tue Sep 9 14:36:31 BST 2008

Can you put more ram in ?

I have had the same experiences. Alternatively go back to 7.04 , I have 
the watchdog app running but it is no solution.


Todd O'Bryan wrote:
> OK, first let me say that I'm using the LTSP package on Ubuntu Hardy, 
> not an Edubuntu install, so if that's the source of my problems, let 
> me know and I'll install whatever I need to to get the Edubuntu 
> goodies that I'm missing. My clients are Devon IT 6020P's--128 MB of RAM.
> Here's a recap of my last several classes. Students log in, try to 
> work, and have hard freezes of the clients. I presume these freezes 
> are the result of the pixmap caching problem that people have 
> mentioned, and setting X_RAMPERC (or XRAMPERC, I've seen both 
> spellings online) doesn't help at all. What's more, the problem occurs 
> with OpenOffice and a programming environment I use, not just Firefox, 
> so the Firefox 3 environment setting trick only solves some of my 
> problems.
> What's more, whenever the client freezes, students can't log back in, 
> so I spend a great deal of my time running "sudo slay studentlogin" 
> instead of teaching.
> Am I doing something wrong, or are things far less stable than they 
> should be?
> Todd O'Bryan
> duPont Manual High School
> Louisville, Kentucky
> P.S. I'm considering switching back to the K12LTSP package, just 
> because it's so rock-solid, but I'd hate to give up the Ubuntu/Debian 
> goodness I've come to rely on. The thing Eric Harrison managed to do 
> is create all the settings and extra files to make LTSP work out of 
> the box. The cool thing about Debian's packaging system is that you 
> can change settings, add packages, and do all the other cool stuff 
> that he does as part of installing a package. So if we can figure out 
> how to get everything working, creating something that works out of 
> the box should be doable.

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