Is it just me, or is LTSP a mess?

Todd O'Bryan toddobryan at
Tue Sep 9 14:28:44 BST 2008

OK, first let me say that I'm using the LTSP package on Ubuntu Hardy, not an
Edubuntu install, so if that's the source of my problems, let me know and
I'll install whatever I need to to get the Edubuntu goodies that I'm
missing. My clients are Devon IT 6020P's--128 MB of RAM.

Here's a recap of my last several classes. Students log in, try to work, and
have hard freezes of the clients. I presume these freezes are the result of
the pixmap caching problem that people have mentioned, and setting X_RAMPERC
(or XRAMPERC, I've seen both spellings online) doesn't help at all. What's
more, the problem occurs with OpenOffice and a programming environment I
use, not just Firefox, so the Firefox 3 environment setting trick only
solves some of my problems.

What's more, whenever the client freezes, students can't log back in, so I
spend a great deal of my time running "sudo slay studentlogin" instead of

Am I doing something wrong, or are things far less stable than they should

Todd O'Bryan
duPont Manual High School
Louisville, Kentucky

P.S. I'm considering switching back to the K12LTSP package, just because
it's so rock-solid, but I'd hate to give up the Ubuntu/Debian goodness I've
come to rely on. The thing Eric Harrison managed to do is create all the
settings and extra files to make LTSP work out of the box. The cool thing
about Debian's packaging system is that you can change settings, add
packages, and do all the other cool stuff that he does as part of installing
a package. So if we can figure out how to get everything working, creating
something that works out of the box should be doable.
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