Windows computers in the midst of Edubuntu Network

Jordan Erickson jerickson at
Wed Sep 3 17:48:29 BST 2008

Hi Krsnendu,

I concur re: Shockwave. LTSP + Shockwave/CXOffice = no workie very well. 
I had this issue last year when I was testing out a simple Shockwave 
site in an LTSP lab of ~35 clients - even 2 running at the same time was 
very unstable, and the CXOffice people even told me they would be 
surprised if I gave up on the venture. Shockwave Director just isn't fit 
for thin-client use, it seems. Flash is making great headway in Linux, 
but still could use some improvement to be up to par with their Windows 
plugin - but testing 35 simultaneous systems on Flash intensive sites 
*did* hog the server CPU - but was actually usable.  I would recommend 
using standalone workstations for Shockwave use for sure, just based on 
my own experience.

Hope that helps a bit, even if just for that one question.

- Jordan

Krsnendu dasa wrote:
> I have managed to keep our student network Windows free for a few 
> years now, but there are a few programs that have come back to haunt 
> me and now I have been requested to install some standalone windows 
> desktops. (Just 3 for now.)
> They are Shockwave based programs produced by the New Zealand Ministry 
> of Education. I have installed them under Crossover Linux but there 
> are some delays and stuttering problems that make the performance 
> unsatisfactory (even directly on the server it seems.)
> There is also a need for standalone workstation for multimedia 
> purposes, (Audigy, MovieMaker etc.)
> Enough preamble. Basically, I am looking for the easiest way to deploy 
> these machines. I have 3 identical P4 1.8 GHz 256GbRAM machines. (I am 
> hoping we can soon convert them to Linux workstations (or low fat 
> clients)).
> To keep things simple there will be one login per machine. There is no 
> need for user authentication or to mount home directories.
> I remember previously that I made image copies and copied them through 
> the network to other machines. I forget the name of the program.
> Is there any alternative, like using a virtual machine for example.
> Also how do you set up the machines so they dual boot, 1. ltsp client 
> (default) / 2. Windoze XP.
> Sorry for being wordy. My wife was talking as I was typing and I 
> couldn't fully concentrate.
> Thanks.
> Krsnendu dasa

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