Open Office Dfault File Saving formats

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Mon Mar 31 16:31:06 BST 2008

Hi Anthony,

If your looking to force the change for all users you could use a
script called from /etc/profile at login. I've pasted mine below, it
may be overkill but I've used it for a year or so and its worked well
for me. It seems like the files below are the ones that matter (at
least for what I am doing) :


Of course test it before you use it in production.



Here's the script:


#creates the directories as students log in  so that the
# following scripts always have a place to go,
# otherwise you have to wait until the user opens and closes OO once


# if the directory already exists don't do anything, however if it doesn't
# then make and populate them

if [ ! -e $sy ]

                mkdir -p $sw

                #copies msformats from template file to users home directory

                cp -f $ood/Setup.xcu $sa
                #contains .doc and save to Desktop default action
                cp -f $ood/Common.xcu $sw
                cp -f $ood/Paths.xcu $sw

                chown -R $USER $sy

# copy $HOME/.openoffice.org2/user/basic directory over
# from /usr/local/lib/oodefaults/basic

                cp -R $nb $ou
                chown -R $USER $sy

exit 0

On Mon, Mar 31, 2008 at 7:43 AM, Peter <peter at> wrote:
> /usr/lib/openoffice/share/registry/modules/org/openoffice/Setup/
>  This might also be useful:
>  -peter
>  Anthony Luscre wrote:
>  > I have been looking all afternoon, but I can not find where the new user
>  > configuration OpenOffice setup.xcu values come from. specifically, I
>  > would like to change the default file filter (formats) to match MS
>  > Office 2000 formats.
>  >
>  > Thanks
>  > anthony
>  >
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