Open Office Dfault File Saving formats

Kai Wüstermann k.wuestermann at
Mon Mar 31 05:54:49 BST 2008

Moin Anthony!

Am Sonntag, den 30.03.2008, 18:15 -0400 schrieb Anthony Luscre:
> I have been looking all afternoon, but I can not find where the new
> user configuration OpenOffice setup.xcu values come from.
> specifically, I would like to change the default file filter (formats)
> to match MS Office 2000 formats.

On the German OpenOffice it's in:

Extras/Optionen (Extra/Options?)

in the new frame you klick to Laden/Speichern (load/save?) on the left
side and then Allgemein (the first one)

In the last options you can set the saveing format for every document

Kai Wüstermann

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