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Mon Sagullo ramonsagullo at yahoo.com
Fri Mar 28 02:21:46 GMT 2008

Back from the grave, I rise :-)

I may have been in silent mode for the past few months, but
I have not stopped learning and appreciating (at the same time, shudder) what I
get to read in this list group, and how much Ubuntu can help me in “designing” a
“Microsoft-free” new computer lab.
For a while, the School Board was entertaining the idea of “outsourcing”
the new lab – hardware and courseware – thus, my silence, and I must admit, I
was “excited” with the idea that the load of micromanaging the lab has been
lifted of my shoulders.
But it seems the relief was more of a temporary respite, and
most of the responsibilities how to “stitch together” the new lab is hopping back
up on my lap. :-)
So far, the emerging picture is this:
     clients for Ubuntu – Asus or Intel motherboards512MB
      to 1Gig system memoryWe are
     most likely to go wireless 
My concerns which I hope the far more experienced people in
this group could shed more light to minimize the bumps and humps along my way:
Can I     use a Linksys PCI wireless adapter for the desktops, with Ubuntu? Are     there any known issues using Linksys PCI-wireless adapters?

Is it     a wise “upgradeable” path to go for the still to-be ratified draft N for the Linksys PCI adapter and Router/AP
      our PCI wireless adapters For  our wireless router/access points
Initial target for the new lab is 30 desktops. 
The salvageable few from the older computers will be resurrected
with additional memory to serves as a file-server, a firewall and the rest will be “relocated” to the about-to be
renovated library.

Thanks in far advance :-)

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