About HP T5000 on Edubuntu 7.10 and Hardy 8.04

Asmo Koskinen asmo.koskinen at arkki.info
Thu Mar 27 17:56:12 GMT 2008

Asmo Koskinen kirjoitti:
> Just before T5000 flashes green screen it says this as error message:
> memory size detection failed

Digging the Dirt...

"    * The kernel via fb driver (vt8623fb) can't calculate the size of 
AGP memory size correctly and defaults to 16MB. (See startup output.)
    * The Xorg via driver also can't calculate the AGP memory size 
correctly and gets 32.5MB (when BIOS had set it to 32MB). See 


"Summary: Both the kernel vt8623fb driver and the Xorg via driver should 
be changed to correctly determine the amount of video memory. Luc's 
patch (apparently to the openchrome driver) might provide a base for a 
suitable change."


Maybe I am stuck with Ubuntu 7.10/2.6.22-kernel?

Best Regards Asmo Koskinen.

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