About HP T5000 on Edubuntu 7.10 and Hardy 8.04

Gerald Drouillard gerrylist at drouillard.ca
Wed Mar 26 18:57:42 GMT 2008

Asmo Koskinen wrote:

> Here is movie (no "quiet splash", so we can see booting process) . There 
> is weird green flash at the near end and then T5000 give it up and boots 
> itself again.
> http://www.arkki.info/howto/Wiki/T5000_Hardy_32.flv
> ----
> What I can do with T5000 and Hardy Alternate Beta? And maybe also with 
> T5125 and T5135?
We are having the same problems on Hardy Beta 1 with:
Devonit NTA 6040A
Devonit NTA 6020P
Dell Dimension 2400

Working is:
HP t5135

All worked with 7.10.  Tried many combinations in lts.conf.  I believe 
there has been a bug report filed when specifying the XSERVER= option.

Gerald Drouillard
Technology Architect
Drouillard & Associates, Inc.

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