Excessive SSH Tunnel/Traffic

Steve Wu swu at emerson-school.org
Tue Mar 11 20:40:45 GMT 2008

We're running Edubuntu 7.04 with a very small number of clients. I noticed the other day that when a client station is logged in, there is excessive traffic from that workstation. The LEDs on the switch are constantly lit. I plugged the client station into a hub and dropped my sniffer laptop on it. It's all SSH packets - request and response - between the client and server. With just the user logged in, there's a ton of traffic and it does not seem to matter what the user is doing (if anything). 

With the user logged off, there is a "normal" packet flow. What service is running in Edubuntu that is causing this chatter when a user logs in? How can I further diag the problem to find out what the problem is? This can't be normal. I haven't checked my other clients, but my guess is they are all doing this. I will check for sure tomorrow. 

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thx! 

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