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Mon Mar 3 13:45:26 GMT 2008


I am currently working on my final year project for my degree and I am doing
a feasibility study for a local client on setting up an Open Learning Lab
using Thin Clients, Edubuntu and LTSP.

I would like to present some case studies as supplementary research to
support the study so I am looking for anyone who has deployed a similar
project in schools and training centres (or training departments in a
business) to tell me about their experience.  Information I would like is as

Initial Goals of your Project.
Budget (if possible, I know this might be construed as sensitive data).
Size of deployment (number of thin clients, servers, network equipment).
Hardware Specification for above.
Training Needs (to use the new system)
Pit Falls (did you have any problems which were not anticipated during the
project plan)
Was the project successful (did you meat your original goals, if you had to
make compromises where were they and what was the overall effect)

Any other data which you may feel is important, please feel free to include.

You can either email on core.ldf at gmail.com or just reply to this list (as I
am sure the info will be useful to others in the project planning stage)

I may setup an online questionnaire later this week as well for people to

Thanks for your time.

Alexander Hanff
University of Cumbria
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