7.10 Server freezing (Sanjeev Singh)

coverify at yahoo.com coverify at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 17 19:55:34 BST 2008

>But after the system has been running a few hours and students begin
>to use it (and I'm not there). It freezes hard. I *think* it freezes
>hard b/c I haven't tested pinging it when it's down. But it doens't
>reply to anything including ctrl-alt-bkspace, or ctrl-alt-f1. And I
>know the /var/log/messages file stops creating --MARK--  entries
>during this time. When I find it frozen, there is video, but no
>response to mouse or keyboard.

I have seen similar behaviour on my Athlon Dual core 4GB RAM, Nvidia chipset, edubuntu 8.04 server connected to 1 ltsp client. For me it was period of inactivity. Seems like if I let the system on for couple of hours, it just freezes with the same behaviour.
I then found that it would freeze even without the client booted. Hence I am sure that for me it is not LTSP. I suspect that it is some power down configuration in the chipset that is messing things up. However I donot see any log messages to debug.


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