ubuntu LTSP move done ... testers wanted

Oliver Grawert ogra at ubuntu.com
Fri Jan 18 12:21:24 GMT 2008

hi all,

people that follow the edubuntu development (in the IRC channel or at
the weekly edubuntu meetings) will have noticed that the edubuntu-server
iso will go away with the hardy release and instead all ltsp bits move
to the ubuntu-alternate iso while edubuntu itself will become an addon
CD to the different ubuntu flavours (server/desktop etc)...

as of todays daily iso build the move of ltsp is done, ubuntu-alternate
has the same capability of building a working ltsp out of the box as
edubuntu-server had until now. the plan is that with the alpha4 release
of ubuntu the edubuntu-server CD wont be built anymore.

the current ubuntu alternate iso can be found under (only available for
three days as the daily builds rotate and i cant promise there is no
dependency breakage in the next dailies so if you want to help testing
take this one): 

there is no integration with the CD bootmenu yet (the final version will
have an option: "Install Terminal Server" or something similar)

to install an ubuntu sytem with LTSP use the instructions at the bottom
of this mail (note the install is optimized for a two NIC setup on the
server, if the installer finds only one NIC it will notify you about
manual changes you have to make) 

the progress bar of the chroot building might appear a bit unresponsive
(sitting at 50% for a while) and there is a known prob with the fonts in
ldm, i'd like to hear about any further found bugs/problems asap so we
can make sure to have the best rocking ltsp5 we ever had with hardy :) 


-- snip --

hit F6 after selecting language, VGA and all other options you need at
the installer bootmenu of the CD.
a comandline will appear at the bottom right, append the following
behind the two dashes:


this will run the ltsp setup at the end of the install, if your machine
has two network cards the thin client network will then be ready out of
the box on the spare network card after your first reboot.

-- snap --

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