how activate my pen drive

R. Scott Belford scott at
Tue Feb 26 18:46:19 GMT 2008

David Van Assche wrote:
> What is unacceptable, to pay Canonical, or the usb bug ;-)

The bug is what it is, though leaving it unfixed for so long did nothing 
to advance the acceptance of edubuntu.  Debianedu handled it 
differently, and EH would have fixed it the same day with the former 

It was unacceptable to suggest to a user, on a user's list, that paying 
Canonical for support was the appropriate solution for this and the 
other out-of-the-box gotchas from 7.1.

> Anyway... Hardy has fixed the issue, and one can install that and 
> (possibly) run on a production server already...

Where are bug reports supposed to go for Hardy?


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