Bringing 3D Game Design To Kids

Miriam Ruiz little.miry at
Wed Feb 20 17:27:32 GMT 2008

2008/2/20, Platinum Arts <platinumarts at>:
> Sorry it has taken me a while to respond again.  I have done a lot of
> thinking on the subject of the licensing and what I think I want to do is
> create a "Platinum Arts Sandbox Lite" version.  This version would have the
> source code as a zlib license and then all the content would either be
> "free" or creative commons to the standards that you mentioned would be
> acceptable.  So this would be a watered down version of our full version,
> but only in terms of content such as models and textures.  What do you think
> of this idea?  Take care and thanks for your help and support.

That would be great. If it's fully functional, even with less models
and textures, I'd be happily willing to maintain a Debian package for
Debian and Ubuntu. Of course, I'd be even more happy if more stuff was
free (as in DFSG-free), but of course that would be your decision :)

If you need any extra information on licenses, please just ask :)


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