moving HD with 32bit Feisty from 64 bit motherboard to 32 bit motherboard

Charles Austin ceaustin at
Mon Feb 18 18:33:39 GMT 2008

On Feb 15, 2008 1:57 PM, Krsnendu dasa <krsnendu108 at> wrote:
> I have a problem with my server. It randomly disconnects every half hour or so.
When you say it disconnects, what exactly is happening?

> I tried using a different switch. No change.
> I tried disabling the onboard LAN and using a PCI network card. No change.
> Now I want to try two things simultaneously:
> 1. Reinstall Edubuntu on the 64bit server using 32bit Gutsy
> 2. Take one hard drive from the raid one and trying it on another
> machine which is AMD 2500XP 32 bit machine.
> Is this possible or will the system not handle changing from quad core
> 64bit system to 32bit single core?
In my experience, unless the hardware platforms are EXACTLY the same,
this will not work.  Too many drivers are loaded and configured during
the OS install that are specific to the hardware present at the time.
Granted, Kudzu will try to detect and install new drivers for new
devices, but I don't think it will be able to handle a wholesale swap
of your hardware environment.
> I want to do both simaltaneously so that
> a. current users can keep working as before, while I set up the upgraded server.
> b. I can confirm that it is the hardware on the current machine that
> is causing the problem
Why not do a clean install on the new hardware?
> If I can get the 32bit machine running, I predict that it will run ok
> and that the newly installed Gutsy will show the same problems as the
> Feisty install. This would confirm that it is a hardware issue.
> To repeat the key question:
> Is it possible to transplant the system HD or will the system not
> handle changing from quad core 64bit system to 32bit single core?
Again, it is more than changing from a 64 bit system to a 32 bit.  It
sounds like all of the hardware (Hard Drive controllers, video card,
etc) will be different as well.  These present just as much of a
> Any other suggestions welcome.

Look at some things before and during the next "disconnect":
- ifconfig   How many Tx and Rx errors before disconnect?  How many
after?  If the numbers jump, look at replacing the network cabling
(since you have swapped the Ethernet card and Switch already).
- top   What is the normal load on the server before disconnect?  What
is the load when it actually disconnects?
- do some streaming media to the server.  Does it disconnect when you
observe the other symptoms?

More information about what you are calling "disconnect" might help.


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