creating fat 'thin' clients with ltsp

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Fri Feb 15 17:03:51 GMT 2008

On Fri, 15 Feb 2008 15:48:50 +0100, David Van Assche wrote
> Hi Jim,
>    You might want to make a note where exactly this happens, so we can look
> at what triggers it. Like I mention in the wiki, I had to do apt-get install
> -f and dpkg --configure a couple of times for various reasons. The first
> time I did apt-get install edubuntu-desktop, I had to take out cupsys from
> init.d before it would install properly. But I've traced almost all these
> errors to sys and proc not being mounted or unmounting themselves during
> installation.
> Happy ltsp dieting ;-)

Everything spools by so fast it is hard to catch exactly. But it was during the install
of edubuntu-desktop, and the first time I saw the error was when it tried to install
acpid. After the first error with acpid then there is a handful of dependency problems
with other apps that can't install. However after the edubuntu-desktop install failed on
those few apps, a simple remount of /sys, then re-run apt-get install edubuntu-desktop,
and the failing apps installed just fine.  So after creating the chroot I was able to
jump right to a complete install of edubuntu-desktop, then remount /sys after the
errors, re-run the edubuntu-desktop install which completed without errors, and all was
well.  No need for -f option or dpkg --configure stuff.  All went very smooth.  I did
also copy over my sources.list from the main server for installing other apps later.  

So today I'll test booting desktops and installing additional software.

Thanks again,

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