creating fat 'thin' clients with ltsp

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Thu Feb 14 20:52:04 GMT 2008

On Thu, 14 Feb 2008 20:53:51 +0100, David Van Assche wrote
> Did you mount /proc and /sys?
> those errors seem to indicate you didn't. You must mount them in the chroot
> or the dependency issues go crazy :-)
> And yes, I did do the minimal xfce install first. But that should be
> irrelevant, there should be no breakage as long as you mount the necessary
> mount points. And don't forget to unmount when you are done. Trying to build
> the client with proc and sys mounted in the chroot will not be pretty.
> David

I did the following:
sudo ltsp-build-client --base /opt/ltsp --chroot lf_i386 --prompt-rootpass

sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/lf_i386 mount /proc -t proc proc  

sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/lf_i386 mount /sys -t sysfs sys

sudo chroot /opt/ltsp/lf_i386

apt-get install edubuntu-desktop

So the difference here is I didn't run the commands to install edubuntu-desktop from
outside the chroot, could this be the problem?  I'll wipe it out and try from outside. 
I was thinking that by chrooting in I would get more responses from the packages being
installed and hopefully avoid the need to run  with -f and the dpkg --configure a bunch
of times.  

I'll post back the results.


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