creating fat 'thin' clients with ltsp

Jim Kronebusch jim at
Wed Feb 13 21:06:57 GMT 2008

On Wed, 13 Feb 2008 00:42:29 +0100, David Van Assche wrote
> Hi there,
>    I've recently documented the steps needed to make alternative fat chroots
> with local apps and local cpu/memory usage. So called ltsp diskless
> workstations, or low fat clients. The wiki is here, and though is not
> complete, Ive tested it and it works (I am running it on 20 computers in my
> computer lab that require multimedia apps, aswell as flash, java, video,
> audio, etc. Take a look here and feel free to add to it or ask me questions:
> Kind Regards,
> David V.

Very cool David.  Thanks for your work in documenting this.  I will be likely installing
50 "Low Fat" clients this summer in addition to our existing 108 thin clients (I think
the name "Low Fat" by the way is awesome :-).  The thin clients will be for students,
the low fat clients will be new full power machines for teachers.

I am wondering if there is any reason one couldn't install a workstation as normal,
tweak things, then copy the workstation directories over to the server into
/opt/ltsp/lf_i386?  I think this is how it is recommended to build a PPC client tree, so
I don't see why this wouldn't work.  If this is possible, would anyone care to provide
instructions as to the best way to do this?

Right now I have 3 teacher machines that are the test pilots for this over the summer. 
They are identical hardware, and are already completely configured for mounting /home
and auth to ldap.  The only piece left for them is to get them booting from the server.
 I would love to simply move the contents from one of these completed machines over.

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