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Tue Feb 5 15:38:38 GMT 2008

I believe there is a windows and mac browser plugin to facilitate printing within the application, though printing can be done from a pdf viewer.

We've just ordered this as a replacement for the reading application that was windows and mac only. 

I'll update this and the k12 list with my findings as soon as it comes in and  is installed.


---- Gavin McCullagh <gmccullagh at> wrote: 
> Hi,
> On Mon, 04 Feb 2008, Barb Tabor wrote:
> > I am thinking of setting up a lab of thin clients using Edubuntu at one of our elementary schools.
> > The teachers are very into AR (Accelerated Reader), STAR Reading and Math.
> > We are thinking of going to Renaissance Place with Enterprise.
> > Has anyone used Ren. Place with Edubuntu?
> > Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated.
> I've never used it, but the Accelerated Reader system requirements say your
> server must be Windows with SQL server, etc.  The desktop machine
> requirements sau Windows or Mac with Adobe Acrobat Reader and IE or
> Firefox.
> Given that Edubuntu has firefox and you can install adobe acrobat reader
> from the "multiverse" repository, it's plausible that this would work but
> to be honest, there's no guarantee.  If you can find someone technical in
> there they might give you a straight answer, but anyone in marketing will
> just likely say "no".  After that you may just have to try it and see.
> This statement makes me a little bit nervous:
>  "If the proxy requires users to authenticate to access sites outside of the
>  local network, Fluent Reader Student will be unable to connect to the
>  server since applications that use the Microsoft .NET Framework run in the
>  security context of a local user account."
> as it does make it sound like there is some windows specific .NET
> application.  I don't know much about Mono (the .Net framework on linux) so
> am not sure if it'd be any help.
> Gavin
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